Questions that we are frequently asked


A few quick facts first

  1. The Lions Club has nothing to do with Rugby or Football or Australia!
  2. It is not a religious organisation.

What is a Lions Club?

A Lions club is a group of people, men and women, who have come together to make a difference in their community. Since 1917 Lions clubs have offered people the opportunity to give something back to their communities. It is a club with a social and a charitable dynamic.

Are their many lions clubs around the world?

There are 1.4 million Lions members in 46,000 clubs in 193 countries and geographical areas.

What about Ireland?

Ireland (North and south) has about 2,900 members in 116 clubs.

If I join what's in it for me?

You will have fun working with a group of like-minded people. You will get a great sense of satisfaction from making a difference in someone’s life who is less fortunate than you. It is important to realise that there will be hard work involved.  You will be expected to be involved designing & organising social & fundraising activities. You may be asked to join a Sub Committee to run a fundraiser event.  You may be asked to become a Club Officer in the role of Club President, Treasurer or Secretary.  Members also support the club by attending fund raising & social events. 

Our club wants new Members who will make a positive working & social contribution to the club.  We are looking for new members who are interested in the ethos and history of our Club and who will assist it to make it successful.   The Club is it's Membership and it's success rests with them!

How much time will my membership take?

Some members give a few hours a month, some a few hours a week and some even more. Clubs recognise that family and business commitments take first priority. Some members will run a project for a month and then take a secondary role for the rest of the year.

How do I join?

Normally clubs grow by invitation. Existing members will ask a friend or business colleague to come to a few meetings. If you would like to join or find out more information please send an e-mail to

How much does it cost to join?

Members pay €100 a year, and this money is lodged into an administration account and is used to administer the club, pay it's International Lions Subscription and its overheads such as Insurance. Things like Stationary costs even the costs of hosting this Website is funded by the members themselves from their admin account.

All funds raised at Lions Club Events are used for services and charities.   The Club will only use monies in its Charity Account for Charity Purposes.   

Who are Lions?

Click here for a full explanation of who the Lions are.