Father Dan Noud assistance project;  Mogitu,Tanzania,East Africa.  


Last updated on Friday the 04/07/2008. 

Contact:  Lion John McLoughlin, McLoughlin Oil, Newbridge,  Co Kildare, Tel 045 431281.  

Fax 431244. 086,1709872.   E-mail:  info@jhmcloughlin.com

Aid for Father Dan Noud Project.   "Please Print Landscape"



Containers 1 & 2 have arrived at the Mogitu Mission Tanzania!


Thats Tanzania!

The Road to Mogitu; Tanzania.

A two Day Journey from the Port of Tanga. Container 1 & 2 travelled in convoy.

Engine Trouble !

Notice the Lift Jacks at the Back of the Container.

A difficult Journey

Nearly went over !

Container 1 arrives at the Mission.

Unloading the Jacks

Hooking on the Jacks.

These guys are Brave!

Pulling out the trailer.

Fr Dan Noud

Each Container holds over 20 Tons of Aid.

Touchdown! Container 2 has Landed!

Just some of the Aid.

DAN1 DAF Truck for the Mogitu Mission. A Second Truck DAN2 will arrive in July onboard our third container.

Some of the Food. Over 10 tons was shipped. Flavahans Porridge!

No space was wasted!

The Ursus 4512 Tractor that Kildangan Stud Farm donated pulls DAN1 out!

Container 1 & 2 side by side!

She's Out!

A long way from McLoughlins Garage, Newbridge..

Dan's Pet Baboon "Lucy" Checks out DAN1.




Christmas note!


This project commenced in earnest during the month of July 2007.  John McLoughlin had received a letter from his friend in Tanzania, Pallottine Priest, Father Dan Noud.  John and Dan had collaborated together before on prior aid shipments to Africa via the Toil Foundation.  The bones of a new project had been in hibernation for a number of years.  Dan’s letter to John was like a spark re-awakening that project.  Dan needed transport at his Mission in Mogitu Tanzania, East Africa.  Suddenly the project was on again.  It was time to get moving!


I was first introduced to Father Dan Noud by John in the spring of 1994.  I remember the night quite well!  Arriving at a warehouse in Kilcullen, Co Kildare with some college friends we were there to load a container with emergency aid destined for an Irish Missionary in Tanzania, East Africa.  I had heard about this Priest before; a certain Father Dan Noud from Suncroft, Co Kildare, Ireland.  The work went on all night and I remember the loading of the ESB 4x4 Jeep and the Tegral roof sheeting.  There were other people around who also like us were all conscripts. I noticed one of the men was working twice as hard as ourselves. He looked a bit rough! A bit wild but very good humoured! Very determined! Of course he turned out to be Dan ! 


The ship transporting the container to Tanzania was leaving Dublin the following day.  We worked on and then discovered that the container was overweight and we had to unload half of it and start all over again. Around 3.30 in the morning a mini strike broke out and everyone wanted to go home.  Luckily Dan had an ace card to play. His niece Shelia arrived with a chip pan fryer and flasks of tea to boost morale.


Re-charged we went back to work and the container was ready for Dublin Port at dawn.  I promised myself that night that if I was ever directly involved in the planning of such an operation again that there had to be a better way of doing things.  Little did I imagine that that night was only a taster for a larger three container project that was to come in 2007.


This folder attempts to explain the origin of and to document the main events that occurred throughout this 2007 Tanzanian Aid Project.  I have started with Dan’s letter to John posted in late June.  The following pages; mainly photographs are chronically arranged starting in July 2007 and ending at Christmas 2007. I have included some of the letters (a taster for you) that were composed and posted to persons asking for assistance.  In total we sent over 150 letters to different people, companies and organisations.  Each day we would try to get a few letters away before concentrating on our own work. We attempted to design each letter in a way that would keep it out of the wastepaper basket long enough for someone to read the Club website; to take a chance and to support the project.  


Not all of our letters were successful and much of the aid was donated by persons to whom no letters at all had been sent.  Additionally there were many phone calls and E-mails sent and indeed behind every single item of aid that was secured and lost there is a story in itself.


This project was blessed by good fortune and goodwill at every stage.  I found most people to be very generous towards the project.  I am unsure whether it was because of Father Dan’s involvement, the McLoughlin Oil involvement; Newbridge Kildare Lions Club involvement, The Toil Foundation involvement, or whether it was just because we updated the story on the project website almost daily with our progress.  I think that the website was a useful tool to promote the Project to donors, to get them interested and to hold their interest.  Additionally it assisted us the organisers to arrange our thinking and to prioritise our planning.  But mainly it allowed us to show donors how genuine and honest the project was.


During the project in October 2007 Father Dan arrived home from Tanzania.  His Niece Shelia was very ill with cancer and was dying.  Shelia had phoned Dan and asked him to come home.  Shelia passed away some days after Dan arrived and he was there to bury her and to grieve with her family.  I did not expect a hardened Missionary to be so affected by a family tragedy.  But it seems to be the case that no matter how much hardship you witness in your work that a close family death especially to a person so young can still deliver a knockout blow.  But like the night in the warehouse in Kilcullen back in 1994 Dan got going again and our project went on.  


So why was the project a success?  I suspect that it was a combination of many of the factors listed above and few other intangibles.


The current “Buzz phrase” that we now often hear is that “Aid to third world countries must be sustainable”.  In fact some people would argue that containers of Aid should not be sent to third world countries but instead that “something else” should be done. We all agree that the real challenge that we face is to come up with that “something else”.  Hopefully it’s a sustainable mix of industry in Mogitu that will help the people to trade their way out of poverty.

In the meantime we have to help the people to get on their feet & to make a start. This is why we chose to send them the Aid items that we selected (School educational equipment, an Ursus farm Tractor, 2 Nissan Patrol Jeeps, 2 DAF Trucks,  farm equipment, medicines,Building tools ). In Total 3 Containers with 75 Tons of Aid.  We hope we have selected the right types of Aid and that it will help Dan to do his work and help the people of Mogitu to make a start. 


Whilst the Irish side of our project has now come to a conclusion I hope that other Irish companies will now continue to organise & send Aid to Father Dan’s Mogitu Mission and to similar missions in Africa. 


I want to thank all of the people who supported this project to send Aid to Father Dan’s Mogitu Mission in Tanzania.  You are too numerous to mention here individually so I have enclosed a complete list in the following pages.  I also wish to thank Dan Noud for his good work in Tanzania & Ireland over the past 45 Years. Dan, you have been an inspiration to us all.  I want to thank my own family for always supporting the project throughout the past four months.  In particular; my wife Aisling, my sister Alison & my brother Kenneth who did a lot of work on this project.  Lastly I want to thank my father John McLoughlin for introducing me to the Lions Club, to Dan & to this project.  


Yours sincerely,

Michael McLoughlin

Newbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland.  



Time to Go! Jack Conway, John McLoughlin, Dan & Michael McLoughlin wave the containers off! It was all over in a matter of Minutes.

Time to go: Nolan Transport came to take the Containers away! Next stop Tanzania

Hooking Up!

Last Things. Father Dan gives his blessing to the Containers.

Blessing the Shipment. John McLoughlin, Jack Conway, Dan & Stephanie Tiernan.

Miontini: Plastic for the Roof of the School at Mogitu.

Happy Christmas Dan! The Window at the Garage! Newbridge.

The Manuals are vital to enable Dan to maintain the Tractor.

The Ursus Tractor Manuals that we Purchased in Australia. On EBay!

Dan: Doing Duty at the Lions Club Christmas Food Appeal.




The project organisers:

McLoughlin Oil, Newbridge wishes to thank the following persons, companies and

organisations that assisted this project.



Newbridge Kildare Lions Club.

Newbridge Kildare Lions Club made a financial donation directly to Father Dan’s Mogitu Mission of € 2,500. 


Bank of Ireland: The Bank of Ireland made a financial donation to the Mogitu Mission of €150.


Lion Seamus Gilhooley.

Seamus Made a Financial donation directly to the Mogitu Mission of 50 Euros.


Curragh Historical Society. Care of Mr Reggie Darling & Mr Oliver McCrossan.

The Curragh Historical Society made a financial donation directly to Father Dan’s Mogitu Mission of €1,000.


Mr Brian O’Keefe & Family  - Airwave Freight Ltd, 12 Store Street, Dublin 1.

Newbridge Auto Parts a division of JH McLoughlin & Co Ltd have used Airwave Freight as their customs clearance agent for the past ten years.  I had approached Brian O’Keefe when the project started for guidance with the purchase of the three sea freight containers and for the preparation of the export documents.  Throughout the project Brian was a pillar of support and encouragement.

Each container had a cost of €1,500.  Airwave Freight purchased & donated the three cargo containers to the project. 


George & David Dennison & Family - Dennison Trailers, Monread Rd, Naas.

George Dennison initially loaned one of his trailers on a long term loan to the Project.  Having this trailer in Newbridge allowed us to make a start by bringing a 40 Foot Container to Newbridge.  Having the Container on the Dennison Trailer was a psychological boost as every morning we saw it and Dan’s supporters saw it.  The Dennison family are patient people.  I phoned George in November and instead of telling him when he was getting his Trailer back I asked him would he have a second Trailer.  George said Yes!  Later in Mid December I phoned again asking him could I keep one of the Trailers as were shipping a third container.  Again George said; Yes!   George has met Father Dan and they are now discussing the involvement of Dennison’s in a later project to bore a deep water well at the Secondary School at Mogitu. 


John Nolan & Family - Nolan Transport, New Ross. Co Wexford.

Customers and Friends of McLoughlins Nolan Transport New Ross have one of Ireland largest Truck Transport Fleets. Possibly the largest.  Originally Michael approached John Nolan to borrow one container trailer.  Unfortunately a long term loan of a trailer from a busy shipping company is something that can’t be asked for.  But John replied saying he will do any haulage that we needed. I don’t think John realised how much haulage we would need when he made that promise.  But he always kept his promise.  The containers first have to be collected at Dublin Port and then brought to Newbridge to be loaded. We were shipping three containers so that’s 12 runs between Dublin and Newbridge and back.  I also rang John many times to collect items that I had purchased in the UK.  I discovered that Aid material can be purchased very cheaply in the UK and that there is plenty of it available.  But the problem is the transport costs of getting the aid to come to Ireland to the loading point.  Without Nolan Transport these purchases would not have made sense.  Nolan’s made things happen!


Builder Pat Moore, Family and Staff, Emo, Co Laois. 

I approached Builder Pat Moore who was building Apartments opposite our company asking would he allow his JCB Teleporter out on loan to lift the heavy food tanks deep into our three containers.  I had never met him before but Pat immediately said yes.  The following day Pat visited our site to survey the operation.  At that moment we were building a wood floor (A DIY Job) inside the container above the truck chassis on which to load our food pallets.  Seeing that we were struggling Pat said “Would you like the loan of a carpenter?”  The loan became 8 man days of Carpentry & of JCB work.  Pat’s staff were a delight to work with and when we were in their way loading goods they downed tools and helped us load.  His assistance came at a moment when we were running low on energy and it was a great boost to the project.  Pat also made a direct financial donation to Father Dan Noud of €1,000.


Lion Robbie Conlon Eyrefield, Athgarvan, The Curragh.

Robbie came to us early in the project and pledged his support.  It was Robbie who purchased the 20 HP Compag PC’s that were purchased for the two secondary schools in Mogitu.  These 20 Computers all purchased in the UK from a County Council.   The 20 Pc’s with network equipment and two Large UPS Network batteries will become two classrooms of 10 computers. One Classroom at Mogitu and one at Nangwa.   The Children at the secondary schools are being trained to use computers with a view to further education and acquiring skills to assist them getting higher paid jobs. 


Paddy & Teresa Costigan, Newbridge.

Paddy Costigan also a Charter Newbridge Kildare Lions Club Member is also a good friend of Dan Noud and John McLoughlin.  Paddy, John McLoughlin and Shelia O’Reilly were founder members of Toil-Foundation which was set up to assist Father Dan in Tanzania.  Toil has shipped a number of containers to Dan over the Years.  Each Container shipped with Aid becomes a house or store room at the Mission.  The Project wishes to thank Paddy & Toil for all the guidance & encouragement with this project. 


Capital Brake & Clutch, Clondalkin, Dublin.  John & Martin.

Capital Brake and Clutch donated Brake and Clutch Parts for the two DAF Trucks. John also secured some large Forklift Batteries which are used at the Mission to provide Electricity.  These are then recharged when fuel is available with generators. Capital also secured much needed DAF Truck wall service charts and manuals.


O’Connell Agricultural & Environmental Consultants Ltd, Enfield, Co Meath.

David O’Connell generously made a financial donation directly to Father Dan Noud of €800.  This money will be used by Dan in Tanzania to purchase diesel and supplies to operate his Mission.


Odlums Flour Ltd, Portarlington. 

Odlums donated a one Ton pallet of flour.  This pallet organised by Mr Michael Early, Portlaoise was the first food donation that the project received and it encouraged us to seek additional food from other Food Manufacturers.


Heinz Foods Ireland.

Heinz originally offered two pallets of Baby foods.  It was to arrive on a Saturday morning and when I came in to see it I discovered that Heinz had sent five pallets of Food.  This was an amazing gesture as prior to receiving these five pallets I was worried that we did not have enough food.  All the food was in date to Mid 2009 and was mostly Tins or Jars.  On one pallet alone there was over 2,700 Jars of baby food.  I estimate the retail value of the Heinz donation to be €7,000. 


Flahavans Ireland.

Flahavans donated a one Ton Pallet of porridge Oatlets to the project.  Porridge Oatlets are extremely valuable to the Mogitu Mission. Flahavans  kindly gave us small packages which fitted the 5 inch service hatches of the IBC Containers.  These Pack sizes are also ideal for Dan to hand to individual families in need. 


Mr. Conor Kilduff  - Unilever Knorr Foods Ireland.

Knorr Unilever donated one Ton of Knorr Soups in packets to the project.  The nutritional value of Knorr packet soups is very high and this is why we approached them.  Knorr were very fast to reply by telephone indicating immediately that they wanted to assist.  We were delighted to receive the pallet of soups.


Musgrave’s Cash & Carry, Cork.  Ms Mary Musgrave.

Musgrave’s donated 500 Euros of John West tinned fish products.  Tinned fish is very valuable because it can be stored for a long time. Additionally many of the Missionaries do not eat red meat so the fish is ideal. 


Batchelors Ireland Ltd, Mr Eugene Heary.

Batchelors donated two pallets of important tinned foods to the project.  These pallets were shipped inside container number 3. 


GlanBia Ireland,  Mr Tony Kelly.

Tony and Glanbia Ireland, organised a Ton of powdered Milk granules.  These were shipped inside container number 3. 


Team PR Reilly Ltd, Dublin, Ms Mona Reilly.

Reilly’s in the Parts business donated 50 Multi-Tools sets.

Mr. Diarmuid Burke and staff of Forest Tosara Ltd, Sudocrem Ireland.

Some years ago Dan lost a finger on his hand to a simple wound infection and we wanted to provide his Mission & community with a large stock of Sudocrem antiseptic ointment.  Forest Tosara Ltd donated a one ton pallet of Sudocrem in small pots.  There is enough to give every Family in Mogitu a tub of Sudocrem which might last them for a year. 


Lion Michael Habenicht & Family- Schlotter Ltd, Newbridge.

Michael Habenicht, originally from Germany was most helpful to us with this project.  Michael, Managing Director of Schlotter Ireland Ltd based in Newbridge donated six IBC  1,000 Litre Water Tanks.  Father Dan needed water storage tanks to trap and store fresh rainwater from the roof tops at his mission.  Schlotter also made their delivery truck and staff available to collect and deliver items of Aid to our loading point in Newbridge.  Michael also introduced his wife Dolores and four children Aoife, Jennifer, Andrea and Jessica to the project who became directly involved in sourcing and loading of Aid products.  Dolores with the help of St Evans Primary School in Monasterevin secured 200 school chairs and many school desks and blackboards.  This School equipment will go directly to be used in the School at the Mogitu Mission. 


Ted Johnson & Family, Monread Road, Naas. 

Ted Johnsons and family (Gwen, Linda, Stella, Dermot and Barry)  from Naas donated over €3,000 Euros worth of tools & equipment to Father Dans Mogitu Mission.  The tools that Johnsons donated included important items such as a welder, an Air compressor, ropes, locks, and building tools.  Ted is well known in Kildare for his commitment to his business, his family and the local Church/Community.  Ted was recently awarded the Bene Merenti Medal by Pope Benedict for his work with the Church & Community.  Ted and Dan got on very well together and discussed their common ideas on the importance of lay persons to work with and to be involved with the Church.   The Project would also like to thank John Fitzpatrick from Johnsons for all his assistance.


Lion Adrian Ryan, Naas.

Adrian came to assist the project in the early days and remained a constant supporter throughout.  Adrian’s support, guidance and encouragement was always vital to the success of the project.


Lion Oliver Murphy - Newbridge Metal Ltd.

Oliver is our Newbridge Kildare Lions Club President this year and supported the Father Dan Project by his encouragement & by donating the steel work (in kit form) which will be used in Mogitu to build the flat bodies on the two Trucks.  Had we assembled these bodies in Ireland then the trucks would not have fitted inside the containers.  As it was the trucks were loaded on their wheel rims into the high cube containers and this only gave us an inch clearance all around the truck cabs.  Oliver’s steel is now loaded inside the containers with the Trucks.  Part of the tools package donated by Ted Johnsons Ltd included a new welder and other steel working tools.  The all-trades school that Dan established at Nangwa will be able to assemble the bodies when the Trucks arrive.


Lion Declan O’Donovan, Athgarvan.

When the project was put forward as a Lions Club Project by John McLoughlin it was Declan who formally proposed it.  Additionally Declan remained a constant supporter of the project throughout its duration.


Lion Pat Brady, Eyrefield, Athgarvan.

The Brady family purchased four professional Ambulance First Aid- Bags packed with vital Medical Kit to be used at the Mogitu Mission and at it’s out-stations.  These four Bags were purchased for €500 Euros.


Lion Donal Shannon, Moorepark, Newbridge.

Donal made a financial donation directly to Father Dan Noud.


Lion Brian Matthews, The Man Shop, Newbridge.

Brian and Family from The Man Shop Newbridge donated three pallets of new school uniforms and other new clothing and footwear to the Project.  Brian also made a direct donation to Father Dan Mogitu Mission.


Lion Greg Connolly, Christianstown, Newbridge.

Greg offered and gave assistance to load and pack food into the containers and gave his personal time to do so.


Lion Rory de Bruir & Ann de Bruir, Kildare Town.

Rory and Ann from Kildare with their good friend Agatha from Bray organised for a large quantity of Children’s soft Toys to be loaded inside the first Container. 


Additionally Ann de Bruir a Teacher at Scoil Bhride Naofa School, Kildare town organised that the children of the school would prepare 500 Shoe boxes filled with essential items for the children of Mogitu. 

These Shoe Boxes loaded into container number 3 will be distributed by Father Dan’s Mission to the primary school children at Mogitu.  It’s hoped that the gifts will help the Children in Kildare form an identity (Perhaps a sort of School Twinning) with the children in Mogitu and that this will be beneficial for both sides.


Other Lions Club Members who made important contributions to this project were,

  • Lion Tommy Carter, Kildare.
  • Lion Frank Burns, Newbridge.
  • Lion Paul Allen, Kildare.
  • Lion Shane Ryan, Rathangan.
  • Lion Paddy Flynn, Cork.


Anne Marie Canning, Family & Staff - Canning’s Pharmacy, Ballymany, Newbridge, Co Kildare.

Canning’s Pharmacy, Ballymany, Newbridge secured for Dan’s Mission a large quantity (Four Pallets) of medical supplies. Medicines such as Calpol anti fever sachets which will be useful to fight Malaria fevers in infants.  Anne Marie & her staff took on themselves to help the project and involved many of her suppliers in the project to whom we are also very grateful.


  • Ms Brigid & Catherine Feely, 5 Keadeen, Park Newbridge.
  • Eimear O’Rourke & Colleagues at St Mary’s, Cabra who donated Children’s School books.
  • Mrs Domineca McDermott, 35 Langton Park, Newbridge. Domineca donated blankets, reading glasses and books to the project.


Those Medical suppliers who assisted Anne Marie with donations of Medical supplies were.


  • Mr Enda O’Carolan, Pfizer Consumer,  Healthcare, Dublin.
  • Mr Paul Brady , Clonmel Healthcare.
  • Mr Paul Kinirons at Fleming Medical, Limerick.
  • Ms Tracy Wynman at Calco Agencies, Ballygarvan.
  • Mr Tommy Nolan, Sundrelle Healthcare. Ashbourne.
  • Mr Sean Walsh, Uniphar, Dublin.
  • Mr Eddie Melia, Mr Keith Galvin & Mr Cahill May Roberts, Pharmapark, Chapelizod.
  • Mr Hugh Bergin & Ms Nicola Hosie, United Drug,  Magna Business Park.


Hotel Keadeen, Newbridge, Ms Rose O’Loughlin.

In December an open day was held where we invited persons interested in the project to visit the workshop prior to the aid items being shipped. At short notice the Keadeen Hotel provided the project with Flasks of Tea & Coffee, cups & saucers to serve our guests.  The Keadeen Hotel has always been a fantastic supporter of Newbridge Kildare Lions Club.  Each month the club holds its meeting at the Keadeen.  The late Joe O’Loughlin was a charter member of Newbridge Kildare Lions Club and served as our first Lions Club President.


Mr Jack Conway, Kildare Town.

Jack Conway knows Father Dan a long time and generously donated a chain saw and an expensive Tirfor wire lifting winch to the project.  Father Dan will need this Tirfos winch to pull the heavy IBC pallets from inside the Containers and we are grateful to Jack for making it available to the project. Jack also intends to source and donate a second larger Tirfor which will also be donated to Dan.


Ms Iris Jackson.

Iris kindly donated a chainsaw and a petrol powered grass strimmers.


Leinster Leader, Naas.  Mr Conor McHugh & Staff.

The Leinster Leader published an article about the project in September 2007 which many persons read and then subsequently donated to the project.  Additionally the Leinster Leader has done a lot of good work over the years to promote our Lions Club and similar local Charities throughout Kildare.


The Lion Magazine.  UK & Ireland. 

The project also wishes to thank “The Lion Magazine” who published an article to promote the Project in October 2007. 


Fuel Oil News, UK & Ireland.

The project also wishes to thank the “Fuel Oil News” Magazine who published an article to promote the project in September 2007. 


Seamus Tougher & Family, Hillsboro, Newbridge.

Seamus & his son John wanted to do something to provide clean drinking water at the Mogitu Mission Secondary School.  An new electric industrial grade Grundfos well water pump became available and Seamus and John agreed to purchase it.  This pump was shipped to Tanzania inside container number 1. 


Betty O’Connor, Green Road, Newbridge.

Betty is the widow of the late Lion Shane O’Connor and she made a financial contribution directly to Father Dan Noud during the project.  Shane was a Charter member of Newbridge Kildare Lions Club and a passionate supporter of all Lions Club projects.  Shane twice served as our Club President in 1982 and 2004.  Sadly Shane passed away two years ago and is missed by all of our Members.  Shane would have loved this project!


John Early, Portarlington.

John purchased a large quantity of building equipment, hand tools, shovels, and sledge hammers etc for the project and also assisted in the loading of the containers.


Kerry O’Connor, Newbridge. 

Kerry donated clothing and blankets to the project.


Mary (Doyle) & Jack Coates.

Mary was married to her husband Jack by Father Dan back in 1963. It was Dans First Wedding. Mary donated tinned food to the Mogitu Mission.


Bill Pollack, Guardwell Ltd, Cork.

Bill along with Safelink Ltd, Balbriggan donated the two commercial security safes to the project.


Michael Early, Portlaoise.

Michael Early and Odlums Ltd, Portarlington donated a one ton pallet of Odlums flour to the project.


Gavin Buckley & Family - Prestige Print & Design, Mr John Molloy – Lantz Printing, &  Brian at Robert Horn Paper.

Donated two pallets of School Technical Drawing paper to the project.  One of the subjects that Father Dan is trying to promote in the Secondary school is Technical drawing.  These paper supplies were a component of our Teaching Aid. 


Eason’s -Stationary Ltd Dublin, Mr Michael Ryder.

Eason’s donated two pallets of School supplies.  Everything from School copybooks to sets squares, maths sets to T-squares. 


Garvan de Bruir & Ronan Stapleton.

Garvan and Ronan gave their time to load food into the IBC containers.  Garvan who is a furniture designer allowed some of his lifting Trolleys to be used by the Project over a two month period.


Derek McClean  -DEM Machines, Naas.

Derek gave on loan a pallet truck weighing scales which was vital to allow us accurately weigh all of the items that were being shipped. 


Steve Morrin – SorrinIT.com Kildare.

Noel Lysaght, Athgarvan, Newbridge.

Victor Pomeroy, Rathgar, Dublin.

Steve, Noel and Victor all computer experts gave a full day to configure the 20 School HP Pc’s as two classrooms of 10 units each.  Lion Robbie Conlon & Family purchased for the project the PC’s from a Borough (County Council), in the UK.   Each PC was three years old and is a modern Windows XP machine.  All the computers were identical with 17” flat screen monitors.  Steve, Noel & Victor first configured each PC to communicate together as a Network.  They then loaded anti-virus and then important educational software.  Software such as Open Office, and a Students Programming Language & Teaching Tools, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, Encarta etc. 


Our idea was to equip two Secondary Schools with a classroom of 10 computers each and to encourage Secondary school students to take an interest in computing with a view to further education in Tanzania.  Rather than deliver different types of computers with different operating systems it was decided that the best option was to purchase 20 good units from one source of the same type. 


Irish Business Systems Ltd (IBS), Mr Frankie Dolan & Mr Vincent Teeling.

IBS donated two Business Laser Printers and a Business Photocopier to the Project.  These will be used by the two Schools at Mogitu.  The Two Printers were Network capable and will be ideal as Printers in the two Computer Classrooms.  Additionally IBS whose main business is the supply of Konica Minolta Modern Business machines donated a Photocopier to the Mogitu Secondary School.


Peter Keatly & Family, The Curragh.

Peter purchased and donated an expensive petrol powered con-saw.  Peter also donated a stainless steel Milk bowser trailer which will be used for the transport of fresh water.



Bernard Stevenson & Family- Newbridge Home Décor.

Newbridge Home Decor donated one ton of New Fabric and Paint which was shipped inside container number 1.  The Fabric will be useful to make clothing and bedding at a local women’s refuge at Mogitu.


Mr Mike Slater, Grimsby,  UK. 

Mike sold us at a very reasonable price his EX British Army Water Trailer Bowser which included a water purification system.  Mike was aware that the pump and filtration system were destined to be used for real in Tanzania and after we had agreed the sale he went to great lengths to ensure the Filtration equipment was working and even spent money upgrading some parts.  The project was attracted to this water purification system because it was simple and reliable to use. 


Derek from North Chemicals Ltd & Norman Lauder/ Shutz.

Donated two new IBC 1,000 Litre Water tanks.  These tanks are vital to allow the mission trap fresh water from roof top guttering.  These tanks along with the six  IBC’s donated by Schlotter Ireland were filled with tinned food prior to Shipping.  This meant that the shipping of the water tanks was efficient.


Joel Springs, Naas. 

Donated new mudguards, lights and other parts for the two DAF Trucks.


Peter Nolan & Family - PHD Ltd,  Newbridge.

Peter was aware that the School in Mogitu was in need of new sanitation & wash room equipment.  Peter and PHD donated 5 Pallets of valuable sanitation (Toilets, Sinks, Showers,Taps) equipment and a pallet of Qualplex plumbing pipe-work.  There is photocopy of the plan of this washroom shown in the following pages and what PHD donated will allow Dan to have that part of the School building completed. 


Kildare Couriers, Mountrice.

Kildare Couriers did courier work for free for the project.  Often an item of Aid donated by a company was located on the other side of Ireland or in the UK.  We did not have the money to spend on transport and every courier that we asked did transport runs for free. 


Independent Express Couriers, Dublin.

Independent express collected the ambulance stretcher, the water pump and the yellow water bowser in the UK and delivered them to Newbridge.  These were awkward outsize loads and they were delivered for free to Newbridge.


Forward Direct Couriers, Dublin. Patrick & Damien Callan.

Forward Direct collected all of the materials that we purchased in the UK from Ramco.  This included the 10 Dawes bicycles, the Army Field Kitchen, the battlefield stretchers, the Generator, the Water Purification Tablets.  Forward Direct did not charge us for the cost of this very large collection.



McLoughlin Cycles & Nursery, Alison and Charles Smith. 

The Girls Secondary school at Mogitu had some pupils who have to walk up to 8 miles at day to get to school.  Alison donated 10 Ladies Dawes Bicycles to the Project and it is intended that these will be given on loan to the pupils who live furthest from the School.  In total 22 Bicycles were shipped to the Mogitu Mission. 


Centro Bicycles Ltd, Dublin. Mr Joe Fitzpatrick.

Centro donated 10 Adult Mountain Bicycles.  These will also be used by pupils at the Girls Secondary School. 


Raleigh Ireland Ltd.

Donated 2 Adult Mountain bicycles with spares to the project.


Keith & Darren Quill, Newbridge.

Keith and Darren gave a day of their time to service the 22 Bikes to make them ready for use in Tanzania.


John at Rotech Ltd, Killinick, Wexford.

Rotech donated pipe and fluid transfer kits.  Roetech also donated a portable 12V Electric Water Pumping Kit.


Mr.  Tony Moore, Allenwood.

Tony donated a pallet of Peat briquettes which we converted to money at full retail value and used the money to purchase more equipment for Dan.


Duffy’s Garage , Newbridge, Co Kildare.

Duffy’s allowed their Green Vehicle Trade Plates to be used during the testing phase of the Two DAF Trucks.  This allowed us to take the Trucks out to be tested on the road.  A simple gesture by Duffy’s but one that was much appreciated by the project.


We-Fit Tyre & Exhausts. Mr Paul Halloran.

We purchased the 12 new truck tyres from We-Fit Ltd, Newbridge.  Two of tyres were donated free of charge by the We-Fit. 


Breda & Jim Parker, Moorepark, Newbridge.

Made a financial donation of €50 directly to Father Dan’s Mogitu Mission.


John Hughes & Family from Safe-Link Ltd,  Balbriggan.

The Hughes Family are in the Security Safe business.  I contacted John Hughes and asked would he be able to donate a Security Safe for the storage mainly of documents, at the Mogitu Mission. 

John Replied; “Yes no Problem!  but would you like two safes !”



JH McLoughlin Ltd, Balbriggan, Co Dublin.

John’s late brother Dessie McLoughlin was a member of Balbriggan Lions Club.  Dessie passed away in 1999.  Originally a single company both Newbridge and Balbriggan de-merged in 1998.  However co-operation between the two McLoughlin 3rd generation families is stronger than ever.  McLoughlins, Balbriggan (Denis, Joe, Mary, Ann Marie, Bernadette, Anthony & John) donated the 2nd DAF 1900 Truck to the project along with a complete truck spares package.


Miontini & Nico.

Miontini and Nico are two Tanzanian men working in Ireland who are from Dan’s old parish of Nangwa.  Both men often worked on the project during their spare time.  Miontini & Nico were able to give us the project organisers a clear insight into what the community in Mogitu needed and helped us prioritise the type of Aid material that we purchased to export. 


The Clergy Charity Fund, Newbridge. Father Joe McDermott.

Father Joe, donated €250 directly to Father Dans Mogitu Mission.


Mr Andy Geragthy, Brownstown. 

Donated directly to Father Dan €200 euros towards his Mogitu Mission.


Tony Boyle Recovery, Kildare Town.

Tony twice allowed his recovery truck to be used by the Project to lift vehicles such as the Tractor into the containers.  Again a simple gesture but much appreciated.


Newbridge Fire Station, Mr Jeff Coller.

Newbridge Fire Service donated two Ambulance stretchers which will be donated by Dan to the District Hospital in Katesh, Tanzania. 


Coxs Cash & Carry, Newbridge.

Coxs are loyal supporters of Newbridge Kildare Lions Club and many of the Projects that the Lions undertake are supported by the Coxs Family.


Elizabeth Mannion,

Elizabeth made a financial contribution directly to Father Dan Noud of €200.


Lakagh School,

Donated two full sets of School Football Training Gear, Jerseys, Shorts, Boots etc to the Mogitu Mission.  Ideal for the Dan Noud Cup!


Tom Hogan, “Shammies Films”, Coil Dubh,  Co Kildare.

Tom creates DVD Films for Weddings and Events.  We would like to thank Tom who made a free professional film of many of the key moments of the project.  Tom often visited our site in Newbridge at short notice to capture the loading of a vehicle or the arrival of a product for the project.   It was good of Tom to offer to document the project on Film and we are all look forward to seeing it.



Bradshaws Auto Parts, Newbridge, Co Kildare.

Bradshaws doinated two 6 Ton Truck Jacks to the Project.


Newbridge Auto Parts, Newbridge, Co Kildare.

Donated 3 pallets of Lubricants, Filters &  Spare Parts for the Trucks, Jeeps and Tractor.


The McLoughlin Oil Team.

Paddy Howard, Jimmy Byrne,  Billy Dignam, Tommy Conlon, Denis Lawlor, Slavijc Bulat, Derek Wierzbicki.

These men all worked on the Father Dan Noud Project at various times between August and December 2007.  Their work involved preparing the trucks and loading the containers.  Often this work was conducted late at night after normal work hours or over the weekends.  The project wishes to thank them for their skills, enthusiasm, and all their constant support. 



Status Report: Tuesday the 18th December.

You may have been wondering why the site has been quiet lately with news.  It has been a hectic week.  Monday the 17th of December saw the departure of Container 1 and 2 bound for Tanzania.  Father Dan visited the Garage on Monday to give a blessing to the containers shipments and to wave them off.  Nolan Transport hauled them away to Dublin Port.  On the same day we received our third and final 40 Foot container; number 3.   We had to be very careful  with the export document preparation for each container.  Everything had to be listed and presented in a logical format. On Monday morning after the last few small items were dropped into the containers, the doors were padlocked shut and sealed with a shipping seal.  Funny but the actual hooking up of the containers to the Nolan Transport Trucks and their departure was all completed in a matter of minutes. This Project was four months in the Making and now the Containers were gone in a matter of moments.  

A strange feeling came over us watching the two containers being hauled away for shipment.   Each Container contains so many different items of aid, each with a story itself on where it came from and who donated it.  

However there no time to relax yet! . Container 3 has to be completed with the remaining aid.  This will sail on a January shipment. Container 3 will hold the 2nd McLoughlin Truck,   The Water Bowser and Purification System, More Tinned Food, The 500 School Boxes donated the School in Kildare, the sanitation equipment pallets, the two pallets of school stationary donated by Prestige Print & Design, Lantz Printing and Robert Horn Paper etc.   Container 3 will load quickly and we will ship it in January.   


Status Report: Thursday the 13th December.

This week Newbridge Kildare Lions Club made a direct donation to Father Noud for his Mission in Moguti.  The Club donated  2,500  Euros to Father Dan.  

Father Dan wished to thank the Club for this generous donation which the Mission in Mogitu will use.


Today Monica from Batchelors Ltd phoned to say that Batchelors would deliver 2 Pallets of Mixed Tinned food to Newbridge on Monday for the Project.   This food will travel to the Mogitu Mission

inside Container 3 which we know hope to get away this side of Christmas


Status Report: Wednesday  the  12th December.

Today word came from Irish Business Systems (IBS Dublin- See www.ibs.ie ) that they will donate two  Konica Minolta Network Printers to the Schools of the Mogitu Mission.  IBS are also donating  a Konica Minolta Business Photocopier.

This equipment will be very Valuable to the Schools and will complement the Computer Package that was shipped inside Container 2.  Each Classroom of 10 computers can now have a Laser Printer at the Top of the Classroom.  IBS are donating two same model Printers to remove the problem of having to stock two different types of Printer Toners.  Thank you to all at IBS,  Mr Vincent Teeling and Mr Frankie Dolan.


Status Report: Saturday the  8th December.

Ann de Bruir a Teacher at Scoil Bhride Naofa  in Kildare Town. (A girls primary School)  wants to mobilise her Pupils to gather circa 500 Shoe Boxes filled with Aid for the Children of Mogitu of Primary School Age.    McLoughlins Newbridge will ship all the Shoe Boxes that we receive inside our Third Container.




You can also see details of Father Dans Mogitu Mission at  www.toilfoundation.com


Pallottine priest Father Dan Noud originally from Suncroft, Co Kildare has lived and worked with the people of Tanzania for the past 45 Years.   Dan is returning to Tanzania soon to take delivery of three 40 Foot Sea Freight containers of Emergency Aid & Vehicles that are being shipped to his Mogitu Mission.  Mogitu is an impoverished Townland in Tanzania with 16,000 People.   The Three Shipping Containers contain two 4x4 Jeeps, two rigid Flat Body Transport Trucks, one Ursus Farm Tractor & Plough, 10 Tons of Tinned food, 5 Tons of Tools, 2 Electricity Generators, 20 HP-Compag Computer School PC’s, 3 Tons of Medical Supplies and Hospital Equipment, two Water Bowsers, eight 1,000 litre Water Storage tanks, 200 School Chairs & Desks, Clothing and Footwear, School Stationary / Vital teaching equipment, 50 School Dormitory Beds, Washroom & Sanitation Equipment.


So far we are thinking of the following Items in Shoe Each Box suitable for both boys and Girls.

  • New  Childs Tooth Brush

  • New Tube Tooth Paste

  • New Bar Soap

  • 2 Copy Books,

  • A Colouring Book or a Join the dots Drawing Book

  • 2 Pencils

  • Eraser,

  • Pencil Sharpener,

  • Some Colouring Pencils,

  • A Pencil Case,

  • A Tennis Ball  (Apparently a Tennis Ball is a very sought After toy) or a Bouncing Rubber Ball.

  • A T-Shirt for a 9 Year Old, 

  • Small Bag of Simple Sweets, But Non Chocolate,   Jelly will not Melt!   Jelly Babies, All-Sorts, Silver Mints etc 

  • Perhaps a small Photograph of the Sender or the Senders Family.

  • A Comb or Hair Brush,

  • A Basic simple letter of greeting or note of Best Wishes.  (But Please do not put your Address on the Letter or on the Box)

If you wish and if it fits.  A Child's Base Ball Hat, & or Two Pairs of Children's Socks.

Lastly could you Carefully Selotape the Lid of the Box Closed. Then if you can Tie a Ribbon Around it like a Present!  There is no need to wrap the boxes in present paper.


Please do not include your home Address or any money.    Please try to avoid Battery Toys.


Please Mark the Lid of the Box  "To the Children of Tanzanian from the Children of Scoil Bhride Naofa, Kildare Town, Ireland."


We are shipping our third Lions Club container to Mogitu Town Tanzania on January 5th next and we will be loading this container over Christmas. McLoughlins have already shipped two Containers this month. 

Ideally if we could collect the Shoe boxes from the School the Week prior to Christmas.  We will Transport them to McLoughlins Garage, Newbridge where the Containers are being loaded.


Status Report: Wednesday 5th December.

Today we are sealing the First two containers shut.  We have finished all the loading of the two Containers and we are sealing them with Special Customs Seals at 5pm tonight.  Tuesday was along day spent loading inside the Tractor Cab and all around the Back end and sides of the Tractor.  We were able to load the 6 Truck Wheels & Tyres under the Tractor Chassis and around the gaps left on the sides of the Tractor. This Locks it into position and will prevent any movement when the Container goes on the High Seas to Tanzania.   Above the Bonnet of the Tractor we loaded the 10 Dawes Bicycles McLoughlin Cycles donated.  Lastly we erected bungee cords criss-crossing the Container entrance to prevent any goods accidentally tumbling out should the container be opened by Customs.  Container 2 is also complete now.  We had difficulty fitting the Field Kitchen Trailer into the Space remaining behind the 2 Jeeps.  The trailer draw bar was too long and awkward to fit the space.  We were stumped!   Then in moment of inspiration we decided to turn the trailer completely on its side on a pallet and to lift it in on the pallet.  It fitted ! The Trailer draw bar now protrudes into the boot of the last Jeep. (Boot Door are left open)  In this way everything fits snugly! 


The plan now is to meet Brian O'Keefe Thursday for lunch and to prepare the Export document pack for these two containers. Nolan Transport New-Ross will take them from Newbridge to Dublin. They should be in Dublin docks on Monday next and in the Hands of the Transport shipping line bound for Tanzania. These two containers will travel to Tanzania on the same ship and travel inland together to Mogitu under Police Escort. 


The Trailers that are carrying the Containers are on loan from Dennison Brothers Naas and I am sure George Dennison  would like to get them back soon.  I asked Brian O'Keefe from Airwave could he buy a Third Container this morning from Evergreen Shipping.  While we are in Dublin on Monday I am hoping that Nolan Transport will Pick up the Third Container Box at DCATS and bring it back to Newbridge on one of the Dennison Trailers.    I'm hoping George Dennison and John Nolan will agree to all this.  We will then continue loading the third and final container with the second DAF Truck and all the Truck and Jeep Spares + any remaining goods.  This third container should be ready to ship after Christmas.


Container 1: Loaded. You can just see the Tractor Wheels!

Container 2: Wednesday Morning! Almost loaded!

Up the Ramp

The Field Kitchen Trailer on its side inside container 2.

Tommy Conlon loads the Tractor

Thats Tony Boyles Recovery Truck!

Its In!

More Tools for Dans Mogitu Mission

Loading the 6 Truck Tyres for DAF 1 in Container1.

Loading the 10 KVA Diesel Generator.

Preparing to Load the Field Kitchen.

John Early from Portarlington. A good man with ropes!

Turning the Kicthen on its Side

Night Loading

The Kitchen Trailer Tow Bar inside the Boot of the Jeep

Container 2. At the Back Door. The Kitchen Trailer is on its Side.


Status Report: Friday the 30/11/2007 1pm

Well its the Last Day of the Month and I am Conscious that I did vow to ship one container this month.  On this promise I am failing but on the other hand we will have 2 Containers to ship by next Wednesday.  We had a slight Hiccup this week with some of the Aid equipment but we are over that now!   

Container one is complete.   The Two Jeeps are loaded into container 2 and all that remains is to load the Field Kitchen trailer and the 20 Compag School Pc units.  This will take place on Sunday and Monday next. 


Here are some recent photos!

Lion Cub Ciaran McLoughlin inspects the Work !

Peter and Will from Pat Moores at Work. The Speed at which the Guys worked was fantastic!

Scene Tuesday Night Container 2

2 Jeeps Loaded into container 2

The Wood Floor protects the Jeeps Body work and Windscreens. The wood can be used as Building Material on Arrival.

Over 150 Steel Beds Ready to Ship

Beds are for a Womans Refuge in Mogitu

More of those Beds

Bunk Bed Head Boards

More Beds

Christmas Window showing the Project!

Thursday Morning. Pat Moores men came back to Extend the roof over the Jeeps

10 Ladies Bikes Donated by Centro Ltd to the Project. These Boxes fitted nicely under the Jeeps.


Pat Moores Guys helped us load the Beds!

Peter at Work

The Guys helped us load the beds

Iris Jackson donated a Petrol Strimmers and a Chainsaw

Coffee Break Thursday

The Beds go in!

Tommy Conlon gets stuck in!

Is thre many more left????

Yes about 100!

Dont scratch that Paint work

Hard Work

Yard Scene

Jerrycans for Jeeps

Andre from Portugal was in there also loading the School Desks!

Sealing the Load

Space left for the Field Kitchen Trailer

Destination Tanzania

Night Scene! The Work Goes on!

Lube Oil from UK for Ourselves on Same Trailer as Water Tanker . Delivery by Nolan Transport NewRoss

Designed by the same people who Built the Field Kitchen Trailer

The Bowser has a Hand Operated Water Transfer Pump and a Water Filtration / Purification System built in. Its an EX British Army Machine.

Tommy is an expert at unloading Trailers now!




The Day The Tractor came

Sean Ryan hands Dan the Keys of the Tractor

Val Dillon and Dan. Both Suncroft Men

Safe Link Donated 2 Safes for the Safe Keeping of Documents and Passports

Billy Fills Jerry Cans for Shipping.

Each Can is 20 Litres

Miontini Takes the Desks Apart for Shipping

The Desks will be ideal for the computer Classrooms

The Loading Plan for Container 2.

The Tractor as it arrived


Tow Chains Donated by Ted Johnsons. Important.

Fitzpatricks Monasterevin Prepared the Tractor

Joe Fitzpatrick

As New!

Ursus 4512

The Back End & 3 point Linkage.

Dan ready to Farm

2 safes donated by Safelink Balbriggan

Tractor on Display at the Garage.

Tools that Ted Johnsons donated to Dan

Arriving in Style at the Open Day

Pat Moore, Eddie Harty and Dan

Open Day

Largest Lion Turn out? Possibly!

John McLoughlin & Dan Noud. Pals!

Rory & Ann de Bruir with Dan.

Hey I recognise those two!

Open Day

Miontini & Michael

Object of desire!

One of the two 4X4 Jeeps!


Status Report: Monday the 26/11/2007  22.40

Time to go home!  Tony Boyle, Tommy, Ken, Paddy & did the business tonight.  We have the Ursus Tractor loaded in Container 1 and the 2 jeeps loaded Nose to Nose in Container 2.  Pat Moore's Boys will be here at 9am in the morning to build the frame in Container 2.   

Container 2 Arrives

Tuesday Morning and we had 2 Containers

One of the Jeeps on Display.

Jeep 1 goes in!

The Tractor Was loaded into Container 1

2 Jeeps in Container 2

WorkShop Scene Jeep Load Night. McLoughlins Workshop.

We Used Our Sefac French Truck Lifts.

Touch Down!

Jeep 2 Goes in!

Peter Fitting the Floor over the Jeep Bonnets

First Jeep Goes In!

We conscripted Jesse!



Will from Pat Moore Builders. WithOut Pat Moore we woudl have been Sunk!

Peter and Will at work !

Night Scene

Pat Moore Building the Floor


Tractor is loaded. Tony Boyle allowed us to use his recovery truck!

The Tractor on Display.

Nose to Nose

The 2 Jeeps on Display

John McLoughlin Checks teh Tractor. For John receiving the Tractor for the Project was the Icing on the Cake!

Lion Seamus Gilhooley Checks out the Ursus Tractor.

Farmer Charles Smith studying the Tractor.

Status Report: Monday the 26/11/2007  16:00

We have had a busy weekend here in Newbridge.   On Saturday we held an open Day for visitors to come and inspect the project and to see the goods that are being shipped to Tanzania.  I was anxious to give everyone a chance to see everything prior to the containers being loaded.  Were moving very fast now. In Many ways now that the finishing line tape is in sight the tempo and pace has increased to a sprint finish.  It is important that all the project supporters got to see the containers, the two Jeeps, the Tractor and the Trucks.  With this in mind we held the open day in our Truck Workshop here at the Garage Newbridge.  The Keadeen Hotel were very helpful supplying Flasks of Tea and Coffee and we raided our grocery shop for the Club Milks.  We had about 50 visitor on the Day and  had time allowed perhaps we should have organised a larger Party.  But given that we only decided to do it late on Friday Night it wasn't bad.  Father Dan addressed the Visitors and explained how he was going to use the Aid being shipped and gave first hand account of his work in Tanzania.  Present at the Meeting was builder Pat Moore from Emo and Newbridge Man Seamus Tougher.  Pat has generously assisted the project loaning carpenters and his JCB Teleporter and Seamus sponsored a High Powered Pump to be used in a Well at Mogitu. The party concluded at 4.30 and Dan & Miontini immediately went to work  filling one of the 4X4 Jeeps with Aid products.  The Cabins of the Jeeps have to be full of products to make the Shipping costs efficient.  Tonight Monday Tony Boyle from Kildare is coming with his recovery Truck and Ken, Paddy & Tommy are going to use Truck Lifts to lift the Ursus Tractor into the remaining space inside container 1. We will then Pull Container 1 out of the workshop and repeat the Process lifting the two Jeeps and the Field Kitchen Trailer into Container 2.  Pat Moore's Carpenters are coming Tuesday morning to build a wood structure over the Jeep Bonnets.  On this structure we will load the 20  Compag PC Computer Boxes .  Under the Jeeps and also over the roofs we will load all the steel beds that Dan had in Storage for the dormitory of the Mogitu Women's Refuge.  We expect Container 2 to be loaded and complete by Wednesday next.  Then we have to sit down with Brian O'Keefe of Airwave Freight and prepare the Export documents to ship the two containers.  


We will all remember the Day the Tractor Arrived delivered by Mr Sean Ryan and Joe Fitzpatrick from Monasterevin.  She was like a new machine. 

Only 5,000 Hours on the Clock which I understand is only 2 Years Normal Tractor Work.


Status Report: Thursday the 22/11/2007   10:09 

Today is a Big day in the scheme of things.  If this project was like a Pregnancy well then today the project is Giving Birth!  Today Nolan Transport Collected the second Flat Bed Trailer from Dennison Trailers and are on Route to DCAT's Dublin Port to pick up our Second 40 Foot Hi Cube Container. These containers were brokered by Brian O'Keefe from Airwave Freight Ltd.

At 11am we are expecting the delivery of the two 4x4 Jeeps that are being included in the shipment inside Container 2.  When these arrive their cabins will be immediately filled with

food and other  equipment.   After the Jeeps arrive we will be calling over to Ted Johnsons Hardware in Naas town to collect the 2 pallets  (3,000 Euros worth) of Tools & Equipment that the Johnson Family are donating to Father Dan's Mission.  There as lot of very valuable items such as Power Tools & Welders Etc in this tool Package.  Then this afternoon at 3pm we are expecting the Farm Tractor to be delivered from the Local Stud Farm.  So we are expecting a very busy Day and a full workshop by this afternoon. To the People who assisted this project in securing the 2 Jeeps and also the people who donated the Farm Tractor, on behalf of project and on behalf of McLoughlins I want to say "Thank you, we really appreciate what you have done for us!".

Last night, Wednesday Miontini and Nico spent 3 Hours dismantling the Grey Desks that were purchased in the UK.  These had arrived assembled and were quite bulky (Filled half a Nolan Transport Trailer).  The Guys labelled all the desk parts before going at them with Cordless Drills.  Its good to see that the Desks  are now only taking up a fraction of the original space that they were when first delivered.  Photographs were taken to help the school put the whole lot back together in Tanzania.  We also just took delivery of 20 New Metal Fuel Jerry Cans (20 Litres each) which of course will be filled here with Diesel.  No point in shipping them empty!


Status Report: Monday 19th of November 6.25 Pm.

Today was our First Loading Day.  Builder Pat Moore was sending his JCB Tele-porter at 11am.  His Driver Mark actually arrived at 10.30.  But we were ready!  First thing loaded was the Grundfos Water Pump.   It was a relief to see that the Fork Arm of the Teleporter was able to reach right inside the Container.  Next in was 6 of the IBC Water Tanks which are full of Food.  Again because the JCB was able to reach right in this went smoothly.  We had the Assistance of a number of McLoughlin Oil Staff today.  Tommy Conlon, Billy Dignam and Eddie Matthews.  We also had Mark Bergin from Pat Moore's the whole day and Mark got stuck in .  Anytime the JCB Was Idle Mark got out and loaded stuff manually.  There was an Gap between the IBCs created into which we loaded the Blackboards' that came from the school in Monasterevin.  There was a 3 Foot space above the IBC into which we loaded more Boxes.   There was room on the new Truck Floor remaining of 4 Foot by 8 Foot.  We could have loaded another two IBC's of Food but opted instead to load the Yellow Water Bowser that we purchased off a Golf Club in the UK.   We had filled this water Bowser with the packets of Heinz Children's Biscuits that arrived on Saturday.  We still had this massive Pallet containing 2,500 Jars of Heinz Baby Food.   We removed the wheels on the Bowser and with the help of Pat Moore's JCB Shoe-horned the bowser in at an Angle. We then had a lot of spaces around the Water Bowser to fill. So we packed these areas with the Jars of Baby Food.  The Jars are shrink wrapped in Trays of 6 so should transit well!  Whilst handling these today I noticed that they are dated 2009 which is great.  Heinz were really very Generous with this food.   5 Pallets.  I estimate its retail value of the Heinz donation to be at Circa 7,000 Euros.  Thank you Heinz!  

Other Good news Alison McLoughlin phoned today with the news that her Bicycle supplier Centro Ltd is donating 10 New Mountain Bicycles with Carriers , Mudguards and Spares to the project. Centro distribute Trek, Dawes, Concept, Gary Fisher branded Bicycles.  Centro have the Bicycle Market in Ireland and have been a preferred supplier of McLoughlins Cycles for many Years now.  So we now have these 10 Bicycle from Centro and the other 10 Dawes Ladies Bikes that Alison herself sponsored last month.  The Bikes will be donated to the girls of the Secondary school and will be used by the Girls who live furthest away from the school.

I'm Hoping the Second Empty Container will arrive here Tuesday or Wednesday. Into this container we will load the two 4X4 Jeeps and the Food Kitchen Trailer. 


So that's it for Today.  There is only 13 foot of Floor Space remaining in Container 1. Our plan for this is to load the Ursus Tractor which was donated by a local Stud farm.  The Tractor is 12.5 Feet long and will arrive here on Thursday from Fitzpatrick's Monasterevin.


Status Report: Saturday 17th of November 6.24 Pm.

Today started with a phone call from Lions Rory de bruir at 9.30 in the Morning.  In truth I was still asleep but of course I told Rory that I was up and on my way to the Workshop to begin loading IBC Containers with Food.  Rory was dropping over with his friend Agatha from Bray with a Car load of Children's Soft Toys.  Agatha's family are grown up now and she wanted to donate all the Toys that she had accumulated over the years.  These will be ideal to pack into the small spaces left inside the Container.  On Friday Evening I had a phone call from Heinz Ireland saying that they would drop 2 Pallets of food into the Workshop today.  I was actually worried going home that I still needed more Food for the project.  I was expecting a pallet of Baby Food and a Pallet of Heinz baked Beans.  When I arrived I was met by Five pallets of Heinz Food.  Three of the Pallets contain Jars of baby food and Baby Biscuits all with Excellent Dates.  It was good start o the Day!  Rory and Agatha arrived with the car load of Toys and then Garvan de Bruir and his Pal Ronan Stapleton arrived to give their time loading Food.  And we had Plenty to pack!  We were then Joined by Lion Greg Connolly who also got Stuck into the Work.  Miontini master of the weights & measures database then arrived.  By 4pm we had the 8 IBC's Loaded with food, Labelled and Weighed on the Floor.  We will have an early start on Monday and we have to be ready for the JCB which will come at 11am to load the Pallets into the Container.  We have the Pallets laid out in the Workshop with the Lightest Pallets near the door because these need to go in First to facilitate easy unloading and we finished at 6.20pm having everything done.

Some Photos from Today.


 Status Report:  Friday 16th of November 6pm.

Today Peter Nolan of PHD dropped over in his Truck 6 Pallets of Goods for The School in Mogitu, Tanzania.  The School needed a Fit Out of Dormitory Toilets and Wash rooms.  It was Fantastic to see the gear that Peter Nolan was Donating.   I have attached some Photos of the School Project and of the Goods that Peter delivered.    Peter we are very Grateful for this Building material.


Today we also received word from George Dennison from Dennison's Trailers Naas that they can loan us a Second Trailer to bring Container 2 down from DCATS Dublin Port.  These Containers brokered by Brian O'Keefe of Airwave Freight are 40 Foot EX Evergreen Shipping Hi Cube Containers.  High Cube Gives us an Extra Foot in Height.  After some Quick Phone work to Brian and then to John Nolan of Nolan Transport everything was in place for Container number 2 to arrive in Newbridge on Monday next week.  It will be great to have the Two Containers here Side by Side .  I said to Brian that I had good news and Bad news.  Brian the Good news is that we are ready for Container 2.  The Bad news for you is that we want a Third Container!.

This afternoon I visited the Building Site next door looking for Pat Moore.  Pat had agreed to loan is JCB Teleporter to allow us to load in the IBC's into the Containers.  Each IBC full of Food weighs between 700 and 1000 KGS and we have to Reach in approx 17 Foot into the Container.   It was getting dark so we decided to Postpone the Job until Monday Morning Next at 11am.   So on Monday morning the IBC's Full with food will be loaded.


Today I also visited Cox's Cash and Carry Newbridge to purchase 2 Pallets of food items.  These are the things that we had not secured by Donation.  Little Things that might make life at the Mogitu Mission that little bit easier.    

It wasn't all good News today.  One Major Supermarket Chain said  "Sorry were not interested in supporting this" to us today.  I suppose we can't expect everyone to agree!   But Not to worry because Heinz food are delivering a Pallet of baby Food and a Pallet of Tinned Food Tomorrow and Bachelors have also agreed to donate Tinned food.

Last but not least Ted Johnsons Ltd www.tedjohnsons.ie from the Monread Road,  Naas came up trumps today with a staggering donation of 3,000 Euros of power tools and essential Equipment to Father Dan. 

Ted Johnson’s suppliers of DIY, Engineering and Outdoor Living products to the trade and retail customer’s are in business for over 40 years in Naas.  When there is something that you really need you just know Johnsons will have it. Ted and his Family, Dermot, Stella and Barry had met Father Dan and discussed with him all the things that he needs at the Mission in Tanzania.  Father Dan thought he was in the "World of Wonder Toy Shop"!


Basically the Johnsons said to Dan.   "Look we really want to help; Tell us what you need !"


Equipment such as a new Inverter Welder, Tool Sets, Plumbing Equipment, Security Wheel Clamps, Nails, Screws, Tool Boxes,  Battery Powered Hand Tools, Clothing, Chains, Locks, Ropes, Water tanks etc.  If Dan had his way he would of wanted the Whole Shop exported to Tanzania.  Ted, Dermot, Stella, and Barry Johnson were very very generous.  The equipment that they are giving will allow Dan fully equip his Tool Storage Container and will breathe life into the Missions Operation to build and continue in its work.  The Project wishes to thank the Johnson family and manger John and Staff for all their Support on this Project!


Status Report. Thursday the 15th of November 6pm.

Today  a number of things happened.   We started at 9am filling all the cavities around the Truck Chassis of DAN1 with Goods.  We had to ensure that there was no wasted Air Space.   Yesterday Builder Pat Moore  agreed to lend his JCB Tele-Porter to lift the IBC Pallets into the Container.  I understood that Lunch Time Thursday was the only time that the JCB Forklift would be available.  On Wednesday Night Miontini, Nico and I had cut all the wood needed to build a solid but Temporary floor over the Chassis to hold the IBC's.  At 9am Thursday the race was on to be ready by Lunchtime.   At 9.40  A Silver Jeep Stopped at the Back door of the Container.  It was Pat Moore!  Pat saw that we were struggling with the Floor and probably about to make a very poor job of it.  Pat only learned of our project yesterday.  Pat greeted me asking could I do with the help of Two Professional carpenters for the day to do the Floor Job!  A hour Later and we had 3 Carpenters working in the Container making a good solid floor; strong enough to hold the 8 IBC which each being full of food have a weight of circa one Ton.   The Three Carpenters were David, Tom and John Paul.  They guys did a great Job on the Floor.  Its strong and flat all the way to the Back of the Cab.  This is really important because Father Dan will not have the assistance of a Teleporter out in Tanzania to unload the Pallets.  Instead it will be a rope and about 20 Chaps pulling on each Pallet to get them out.   It took the three carpenters most of the Day and Pat has agreed to send the JCB Friday to lift in the Pallets of Food!   

Once again in this project for Dan the goodness of people has been displayed.  Thank you Pat!

Around 12 noon a Nolan's Transport Curtain-Sider Lorry  pulled into the Yard.  I had bid on EBAY for a Job Lot of Desks in the UK.  My Bid for 99 Pound won and I discovered last week that I was the proud owner of a Truck load of Desk in the UK.  I phoned John Nolan asking for assistance with the Transport.  Half expecting him to Blow a fuse instead he said "No Problem!"  The Desks will be ideal for the School Computer Rooms that Dan is Kitting out!  Also for the Offices of the School.  



Status Report. Wednesday the 14th of November 11.30.  Just received a Phone call from Newbridge man Peter Nolan.  Peters Company PHD  (www.phddistribution.com) Supplies Irelands Nationwide Building Trade with Ceramic Ware for Bathrooms. PHD are Based in the N7 Business Park in Naas.   They Supply Sinks, Toilets Baths Taps Etc.  He has the Distribution agreements on a number of Top Brands such as Roca, Grohe and Duravit.  I had mentioned to an old friend Bob Flavin who works for Peter what was going on in our workshop a number of weeks ago.  To be honest I had forgotten about it.  So out of the Blue today Peter called offering help for Father Dan.  Peter said it was enough for him to know that Dan was from Suncroft.  Dan's Mission is completing a Large Building for secondary School Girls.  Peter is sending over to the Garage in Newbridge on 6 Pallets,  24 new Toilets, 24 Dormitory Sinks, 24 Sets of Taps, 6 Shower Trays.  Peter is going to Contact the Plumbing Trade for 2 Pallets of Qualplex Water Hose with Fittings to enable Dan's Team to Plum the Bathroom of the School. Dan will faint when he hears about this! 

Status Report. Tuesday the 13th of November.   Last Saturday we set up the 20 Compag PC Computers here in the Showroom in Newbridge.  Starting early at 10am Steve Morrin from Sorrin IT, Noel Lysaght from Zarion.com and Miontini Ako from Tanzania had a long day ahead of themselves.   The first job was to layout 5 long tables where each PC could be set up, powered up, and tested.  The PC's Had arrived from the UK on Wednesday last and were tightly packed into one Pallet.  What we had purchased  was 20 Compag PC's, 20  17" Inch Monitors, 20 Mice and Keyboards, One 2000VA Large Battery APC UPS and two 24 Port network hub switches.  By 11am all the units were setup and bench tested to prove that each unit was booting to the Windows XP Desktop.  One Machine "Blue Screened" but Network and Computer Engineer Steve quickly identified its fault by re-seating the hard drive connectors.  Steve then created Network Cables from each PC to the Two Hub  Switches and then ran a connection through our company Firewall to the Outside World - The Internet.  Re-sales.net where we purchased the equipment had done a good Job ensuring that the Machines were clean of all prior data and software.  They were all identical Machines. The Next thing that Noel, Steve & Miontini did was commence giving each machine Service Pack Two Windows Updates from Microsoft.  This Update came down off the Internet.   This update really brings the PC operating systems right up to date.  Then Noel commenced loading AVG Anti Virus software onto each Machine.  While Noel was doing this Steve was teaching Miontini how to make and crimp Network CAT 5 Cable connections and how the two Classrooms in Tanzania would be configured.   Its takes a long time to load software onto 20 PC's and there's no real short-cut.  In each classroom there is a designated Teacher's PC onto which Noel was busy loading the installers for the various bits of Teaching software.  Things such as Mavis Beacon Typing and MS Encarta other important teaching utilities.  After a fuel pit-stop of Burgers & Chips from the Central Grill the Guys were joined by Computer Supremo Victor Pomeroy who had gathered much other Software and Teaching utilities for the Computers.  Things such as Open Office which is a free version similar to MS Office.  While all this was going on Slavijc from Moldova was busy in the Workshop filling1,000 Litre IBC Containers with Food from Knorr into one and Sudocrem Pots into another.  Meanwhile preparations for The Lions Charity "Evening of Song" concert at the Keadeen the following day was ongoing.  6pm came around fast and the Guys were pretty exhausted at this stage but thankfully the job was almost over.  It was a hard days work for them against the clock!.  These Four Chaps, none of them Lions Club Members all had given a valuable day of their time & expertise away from their families for free. Steve has a 2 month old Son "Baby Tom" and Noel has a 2 Young Girls; Holly and Katie.  The guys did a splendid Job and now when the Containers arrive in Tanzania Father Dan will be able to equip two Separate Secondary Schools with 2 Classrooms of 20 Networked Computers.  Each PC already Tested , Setup , & Pre-loaded with Educational Software.


I want to thank the Guys Steve, Noel , Victor and Miontini for what they achieved here on Saturday!  Watching them work focused my mind on what else needs to be done this week. 


The Concert went well on Sunday Last at the Keadeen.  10K was raised for The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation.  The Keadeen Hotel ballroom was full to capacity and it was both a joy and a relief to be through it knowing it was successful.  A number of people had suggested the Charity concert would be Flop. Not So !   500 Paying Guests came out in force and supported the Club and Jack & Jill.   Celine Byrnes performance was world Class!

Monday I rang George Dennison to ask could he loan me another 40 foot Trailer to pick up the 2nd Empty container at DCATS Dublin Port.  Father Dan wants both container to transit to Tanzania on the one Ship together.  This will mean he will have only one 300 Mile Inland Convoy to make prior to Christmas . Dan is  worried about the rainy season in January, that the roads might be two difficult to pass.  If George can provide the Trailer then we can Load two Containers Back to Back next week.  The Farm Tractor donated by a local Stud Farm will be delivered to Newbridge Next week.   

Today Tuesday we are loading some goods into the First Container under the DAN 1 DAF Truck Chassis and tonight laying a wooden plywood floor over the Chassis Rails onto which we will load 4 of the IBC's Containing Food.  Behind these 4 IBC we should be able to load the Yellow 1000 Litre Water Bowser.  It will also be filled with Food.   Today I collected from Derek at DEM Weighing Machines Ltd Naas , the Pallet Truck Weighing scales which is on a Weeks loan to weigh everything.  Its a great little machine.   There's a building site across the road here in Newbridge and I am hoping the Builder  "Pat Moore" will loan me his JCB Tele-porter on Thursday to load the IBC's into the container.  We have to reach into the Container 13 foot with each IBC to the back of the Truck.   "  Just off the Phone to Pat!  We can have the Tele-Porter on Thursday!


Status Report. Wednesday 7th November.   Today the 20 HP-Compaq PC's arrived from Re-Sales.net in the UK.  The pallet was delivered by the Pallet Network / Independent Express Ltd. Picked up in the UK on Tuesday delivered to Kildare on Wednesday.  It's a slick operation!  These same Model PC's are all Windows XP Machines and came out of a UK Company that was upgrading to Windows Vista Machines.  The Machines are two years old and all have Flat 17" monitors.  Early on Saturday next Steve and Tom Morrin from SorrinIT.com Ltd, Kildare will configure the Machines as two separate Classroom Teaching Networks.  The PC's will be installed in Mogitu Tanzania into two separate Secondary Schools.  Steve & Tom will be assisted by Victor Pomeroy from Dublin and by Noel Lysaght from Newbridge.  Noel and Victor will install licence free software such as Open-Office onto each PC machine.  Noel who is a software programmer will install "KPL" which is a new software product called "Kids-Programming-Language".  The Aim of teaching KPL is generate interest amongst Secondary School Students into the science of computer programming and as a lead-in entry level product to the Skill.  Victor who also works in IT and accounting has gathered & prepared PC Security Software ;Teaching Software and Learning Software which he will install.   It will be a busy day with 20 PC Units to be Prepared.  The Cost of the PC's with the Flat Screens was 150 Euros each.  We are looking for a Sponsor for this School Equipment!


Some Photos of the Chaps working on the 20 PC Units.







Other Good News!  We are loading the First Container next week and all of the products that are being shipped have to be Weighed and a Manifest created.  Our all up Weight per container is a maximum of 28 Tonnes.  The Container Weighs 3 Tonnes Empty.  The DAF Truck was 5 Tons and 50 kilos.  Each of the Food Pallets will be 1 ton Each.  The 200 Sheets of Tegral Roof Sheets will also be very heavy.  What's important is that we spread the load across the three Containers.  I needed a Pallet Truck Weighing Scales and I called Derek at DEM weighing Scales  (www.demmachines.com) Naas.  Basically I was after a machine that I could quickly pick up each Pallet with and quickly check it's weight. 

The Phone call went along the following lines  " Hello is that Derek?  Yes,    Ehhh,  Derek you don't know me but I am part of a Lions Club Group shipping Aid in Containers to Tanzania.  We need a loan of a Pallet Weighing Scales to Check the Weight of Everything.  Could we borrow one?     Ok I understand ; When do you need it! "    

Its amazing how Generous many people are and have been to this project!

Still hoping for some more pallets of Food to be offered from the Major Supermarkets!   


Status Report. Tuesday 6th November.   Received a phone call today from Heinz Ireland.  Heinz will deliver a pallet of Baby Food Jars and another Pallet of Heinz Tinned Food for the Project. To get two Pallets of Food like this from one company is a great boost to the project.  If we can get the pallet of Dried Milk now and a some more Pallets of Mixed Tinned product we will ready load the First Container. 

Status Report. Thursday 1st of November.

The Tinned Food is beginning to come through now.  Yesterday Flavahans kindly donated a Ton of Porridge to the project. Hopefully we will have it next week.  Porridge is very Valuable to the people living near the Mission.  We also had good news from Musgrave's Cash & Carry who are donating a Ton of Tinned Fish products.  Sardines, Salmon, Mackrel, Tuna Etc.  We also have a Ton of Soup Powder from Knorr Unilever & a Ton of Flour from Odlums.   All this food will be packed into the 1000 Litre Empty IBC Water Containers that we were given.  This will make the Shipment of the 8 Water Tanks and the food efficient. The Ton of SudoCrem Jars can also travel to Tanzania in one of the IBC's. 

What we are after now is a Ton of Beans, Ton of Peas, Ton of Dried Milk. (Marvel Type), Ton of Baby Food Jars. 

Our Requests are in with the Major Supermarkets and Food Producers.  Fingers & all Toes are crossed ! 

What else happened this week?  Well we saw the two 4X4 Jeeps reaching their final preparation stage.  They look fantastic and Dan is really Happy!  Father Dan also saw the Farm Tractor that a local Stud Farm has donated.  It is currently being refurbished by Fitzpatrick's Garage, Monasterevin and a lot of care, love & attention is being taken by Fitzpatrick's to have it running 100% for the Mission to use.   Bernard Stevenson & Family of Newbridge Home Decor, Ballymany, donated a Ton or excellent Fabric rolls and a half ton of paint to the Project.  This Fabric is very valuable to the community and can be used to make Clothes and Bedding.  The Paint will be used to Tidy up the 100 Metal School Seats that we received last week.  Also we received a donation of More Hospital Medical Equipment. Surgery Tables and Examination Tables.  

Before November is over our First Container will leave for Tanzania!

Status Report. Friday 26th of October.

Our First Truck Dan1 was successfully loaded into the container on Wednesday evening last.  It was loaded by Ken McLoughlin, Paddy Howard, Tommy Conlon & Jimmy Byrne.  The Guys had a Late Evening but they got the Truck

loaded without dismounting the Container from its Trailer which is a great help now as we will not have to hire a Crane to lift the empty box off and then an even bigger crane to lift it back up.  The 4x4 Jeep can easily lifted now into the Container.  But First we have to get the Tinned Food to Fill the IBC's Tanks on the back of the Truck.  We wrote to all of the Food Manufacturers, Food Distributors and Major Supermarkets two weeks ago asking each for a Pallet of Tinned Food.   We did receive a Ton of Flour from Odlums and a Ton of Soups from Knorr.  What we are after now is Tinned Food.  Beans, Fish, Corned Beef, Baby Foods.  As soon as we have the food we can load the IBC Tanks and complete the First Container.  Father Dan is anxious to ship it and Brian O'Keefe from Airwave Freight rings everyday asking when are we ready to Ship.  Brian has been a great help so far in providing the Containers for the project and will be looking after all the Export Documentation and shipping of both containers.


Some Photos of the DAN1  DAF Truck being loaded for Shipment to Tanzania.



Saturday 20th of October.

Today we found ourselves at St Evans School in Monasterevin.  We had been invited to take away the contents of a container of School Chairs and Desks.  Lion Michael Habenicht scheduled a team to meet at 10:30 Sharp

(Michael is German). We all assembled outside the school at 10:29 proud in ourselves that we were not late.  But Where was Father Dan?  I threw my head to the sky thinking;  Typical Dan!  At 10:40 We went around the back of the School to unload the Sheds only to Discover that Father Dan was already there a half hour and was mid way into the Container.  We secured a lot of very useful Chairs & Classroom Black Boards today for the Tanzanian School. 

Literally a Truck load of stuff. 


But we still need Stackable Classroom Desks.

Many thanks to Michael and Delores Habenicht for organising all this and to Schlotter Ltd for providing the Truck to bring the School Equipment back to Newbridge.

Thanks also to the School Caretaker Sean for all his assistance!


Sorrin IT Services Ltd, Kildare Town.                 

Steve & Tom Morrin from Kildare Town are lending their IT services & skills to create two computers training classrooms for the two Secondary School in the village of Mogitu. The Project has purchased 20 same Make & Model Compag Modern XP PC Machines with 20  Flat LCD 17" Monitors.  Whilst being Second hand the PC's are all modern generation and use Windows XP.  The Cost of Each PC was 150 Euros Each. They are ideal machines to be used in a Classroom and being the same models parts will be inter-changeable. The project is looking for a Sponsor for these two Computer Classrooms the equipment for which has cost 3000 Euros. The Students at the Secondary school will receive training is computer skills and it is hoped not only to teach basic skills but to also promote & teach Computer programming skills to the students which is a skill that could have an economic benefit for the people of Mogitu.  When the Pc's Arrive in Newbridge next week Steve & Tom from Sorrin IT Ltd, Kildare will design, prepare & pre-configure the two School Classrooms & Network equipment to enable their easy installation at the two school.   The classrooms will consist of a Network of 10 PC's each, A Network Printer, a Teachers Control Station with Server, & an Network APC UPS Electricity Unit. 


Sorrin IT can be contacted at   www.sorrinit.com   Telephone: (045) 896 877:  Fax: (045) 896 879  E-mail: information@sorrinIT.com

 Click Here to view PowerPoint Show on Dan! PowerPoint Slide Show Now running on Project at McLoughlins Garage Showrooms Newbridge.   150 slides to explain the Tanzanian project to viewers.  Click Here to download the Power Point Show!

September 27th.

Father Dan arrived home to Ireland last Thursday from Tanzania.  Dan's Niece Sheila from Suncroft, Co Kildare was very ill. Sadly Sheila passed away

Yesterday, Sunday the 30th of September. Shelia was buried on Tuesday Tuesday 2nd of October at Suncroft Church at 12 noon. There was more people standing outside the Church than could fit inside it.  At the Graveside Father Dan gave a moving homily that brought Tears to many where he explained that only last Month Shelia phoned him

explaining that she was very sick and to ask Dan to come home to Ireland to bury her.  Shelia was only 41 years old. 

The members of the Newbridge Kildare Lions club and all the supporters of this project wish to extend our sympathy to Shelia's

husband Kevin, her two young children, Bernard & Marie and family and to Father Dan Noud. 

Shelia was a great supporter & friend of Dan's, & his projects in prior years. Supporters will remember many late evenings loading containers

for Dan in Kilcullen.  Just when a mini strike would be about to  erupt; Shelia would arrive with a Chip Fryer and be there at 2am making

Tea, Coffee & Frying up chips; keeping everyone in high spirits.

We are now re-dedicating all of our work effort on these two container shipments to the memory of Shelia.

Cannings Pharmacy Newbridge organise & donate two pallets of Medical supplies.  Dennison Trailers provide container trailers for project . Containers are now purchased by Project!  Nolan Transport New Ross Step in to Haul Containers! Forest Tosara donate a pallet of SudoCrem to Project.  Field Kitchen Arrives; Schlotter Irll donate six 1000 Water Storage Tanks. Well Borehole Pump donated by Seamus Tougher, Newbridge.


 Project receives Donation of Farm Tractor.   Container No1 arrives at Newbridge Today! Unilever Knorr Foods Ireland  donate one Ton  of food for Dans project.  .

News Article in Leinster Leader Newspaper. Click Here to Read

Table of Contents.

Project Objective,

To plan, source, prepare & load, four DAF  17 Ton ,  Rigid Body Trucks, Two Jeeps, Two Tractors, 

complete with spares, and other essential equipment into two 40 Foot High cube containers, to ship in September 2007

to Father Dan Nouds Charity Mission in Mogitu, Tanzania, East Africa in order to give transport assistance & aid to his community.

Some Images of Dan and the Area that he has worked in for over 40 Years.


Why are we doing this?

Father Dan Noud a Pallottine Priest was originally from Suncroft , The Curragh, Co Kildare and being a local man the Newbridge Kildare Lions Club has assisted his Mogitu project in the past.  

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in Sub Saharan Africa.  More than half of its population live in absolute poverty. 87.8 percent

of Tanzanians survive on less than $1 a day and 89.9 percent live on less than $2 a Day (UNDP,2006:294).

Father Dan needs transport vehicles badly for his community. Simple basic and reliable transport is his main requirement. 

Trucks and other vehicles that he can use & service easily.  Dan has asked us for our assistance!

Over the past number of years Father Dan has had members of his community trained and educated in Ireland as mechanics. 

These men worked in local garages such as Volvo Trucks Naas, Fitzpatrick's of Kildare, Dunlea's of Kilcullen & McLoughlin's

of Newbridge.  Some also attended a full time mechanics course at DIT Bolton Street for certification.  He also has set-up

and manages an All-Trades technical school at his Mission in Mogitu.


The two DAF trucks are being donated by McLoughlin's Oil, Newbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland. 

An additional two spares donor trucks are being donated by McLoughlin Oil Balbriggan, Co Dublin. Care of Mr Denis McLoughlin,

his brother Joseph, his sisters Mary, Annemarie & Bernadette.  Their late father Desie McLoughlin was a member of Balbriggan Town Lions Club.


The four trucks, originally Heating Oil delivery tanker trucks, have been maintained by McLoughlin's Oil since new and have

been especially selected, extensively prepared and tested. These Trucks have passed their annual DOE and ADR Tests.  Because these DAF Trucks

were originally designed to carry Oil Tanks their chassis have been modified and strengthened.  They are ideal for Tanzania, reliable

& simple to maintain. They are a better proposition than a modern expensive new Truck which would require modern parts and diagnostic servicing

which would be unavailable & uncertain in Mogitu.

The 14,000 Litre Oil Tanks, meters & pumping gear have been removed.  The Four Trucks are identical Models and all parts will be interchangeable.

Additionally a complete spares package specific to these trucks is being  prepared to travel with the four trucks to include.  Two Spare Engines,

Two Spare Gear Boxes, Two Spare Rear Exhaust Boxes, DAF Service Manuals,  A Pallet of Mixed Lubricants, Spare Suspension Springs,  Engine Filters,

Wheels, Tyres,  Electrics, Brake Hubs, Brake Air Valves, Spare Windscreens. Etc.

Equipment that this project is sending to Father Dan.



Why does Dan's Mission & Community need Trucks & Jeeps.

In the area where Dan Works Fresh drinking Water is more expensive, more valuable and less available than Petrol or Diesel.  We all know that

without fresh water that we cannot survive.  Eight Miles East from Dan's Base there is fresh drinking water available in the small town of Katesh.  This Fresh Water comes from streams that trickle sown from Mount Harrang.   But to get there the community has to walk the Eight Miles.  Once there they must queue in line for hours waiting to fill whatever hand containers they can carry.  They then have to carry this water the Eight Miles home.  This is why a simple thing like a Wheel Barrow is a very useful tool to Dan.

There are other sources of Water! Rain water when it comes can be trapped and stored.  But Storage Tanks are Scarce.  Ground Water is also available.  For example there are some wells providing water. But they often run dry!  There is also large lakes to the North and to the West of this community.  But the problem is that this lake & Well water is Brackish with salt and cannot be directly consumed unless de-salinated.  By providing this community with Trucks and Jeeps, a water desalination plant and Fresh water storage tanks our project hopes to transform  this communities ability to source, purify and distribute Fresh drinking water.  Other uses of the vehicles will include Transporting people and building material to projects, Teachers and Medics to outlying Areas.  Another will be that Dan's Team will be able to hire out his drivers and trucks and derive a source of income this way.  By getting these vehicles to Dan we will be empowering his Team to generate income by engaging in trade locally.  We recognise that by giving Dan's community the ability to trade is the only sustainable way of finding a way forward out of their poverty.   

We are sending 2 Jeeps, 2 Working Trucks and 2 Spares Truck.  Obviously they are going into a harsh environment where Spare Parts are unavailable and where the roads and climate are harsh.  By having two identical vehicles with a generous spares package Dan's Team has a good chance of keeping at least one of each vehicle roadworthy for a number of years. 

Who is supporting us so far!

Newbridge Kildare Lions Club. 

This web page is being hosted at the Club's Website online at www.nklc.ie.  The members of our Club are helping through their contacts and by offering their personal time and energy are committed to making this project a success. Many of the Club Members know Father Dan Noud personally.

This project is only one of the Charity projects that the Club takes on each year.  Full details of the other Lions Charity projects can be seen at the Club website at www.nklc.ie

Dennison Trailers Ltd. Naas.


George Dennison & Family of Dennison Trailers Naas are supporting the project.  George is very interested in assisting Dan's Community in a sustainable way.  George has generously provided the Project with the Use of two 40 Foot Trailers to Haul the Containers from Dublin to Newbridge and back to Dublin Port. The Trailers are crucial to the

success of the project. George is also providing other valuable support which the project greatly appreciates.   George can be contacted at  045,866468.    georgedennison@dennisontrailers.com

Nolan Transport Ltd , NewRoss, Co Wexford.

John Nolan & family form Tiger Transport Giant Nolan Transport are supporting the Project by Hauling the Containers to and from Dublin Port to Newbridge. 

John can be contacted at    jnolan@nolantransport.com


Toil Foundation

Mr Paddy Costigan a retired, long serving member of Newbridge Kildare Lions Club is secretary of The Toil Foundation;

Dan's support group. www.toilfoundation.com .  Paddy can be contacted at  045-431884.  Mobile 086,3838987. 

Newbridge Metal Ltd,  Our Newbridge Kildare Lions Club President this year is Oliver Murphy whose Company Newbridge Metal Ltd

has agreed to support the Project with his contacts in the trade and with their expertise with truck body building and fabrication work. 

Oliver can be contacted at  045-431502    Email info@newbridgemetal.ie

Airwave Freight Dublin,  

Brian O'Keefe at Airwave Freight Ltd, Dublin is organising three Seaworthy 40 Foot High Cube Containers

for the Project. The Containers which have a cost of 1,500 Euros Each stay with the Mogitu Mission and become Houses.   

Brian has Purchased and donated these Containers for the Project.



The Shipping Port will be Dublin Port and the destination Port will be Dar es Salamm, East Africa.

Brian can be contacted at   Tel 01,8363256  Fax 01 8363246  Email  info@airwavefreight.ie


DAF Trucks Ireland,  McLoughlin Oil has run a DAF Fleet of Oil Delivery Trucks for the Past 30 Years.  McLoughlin's have asked DAF Ireland to assist with

Service Manuals, Brake Parts and surplus DAF Truck spares for DAF 1900 Model Trucks, 

Contact Mr Andy Wynn, Parts Director,  Clonlara Avenue, Baldonnell Business Park, Baldonnell, Dublin 22,  Ireland.

Andy is making enquiries though his Network of DAF Dealers for Surplus Spare Parts for the above two Chassis Numbers.

Tel: +353 (01) 4034 141 Fax: +353 (01) 4591 864  Email: enquiries@daf.ie

The two rolling Truck Chassis details are.

TRUCK NUMBER 1 Chassis Number XLRAE66NSOL039419  ENG NUM L02998 6200cc DAF 1900

TRUCK NUMBER 2 Chassis Number ELRAE66NSOL041973  ENG NUM L03975 6200cc DAF 1900


McLoughlin Oil Newbridge & Balbriggan,  John McLoughlin devised this Trucks for Africa project and as a friend

of Father Dan he is doing the ground work to organise & co-ordinate this project. 

John is also a Charter member of Newbridge Kildare Lions Club in 1975 !   Johns Late Brother Dessie McLoughlin was a member of

Balbriggan town Lions Club.

Contact John McLoughlin Tel 045-431281. Fax 431244. E-mail Info@jhmcloughlin.com

Various Couriers,

Many Couriers, Transport Companies & Storage companies  have assisted the project by collecting and delivering goods in Ireland and the UK free of charge. 

Special mention must be made to

  • Independent  Express Dublin  the Pallet Network,

  • Nolan Transport, New Ross,

  • Kildare Couriers Mountrice, Monsaterevin. 

  • Terry Dooley Couriers, Dublin,

  • Forward Direct Ltd, Dublin.

  • SouthSide Movers Edinburgh, Scotland,

  • Russell Storage Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sorrin IT Services Ltd, Kildare Town.                 


Steve & Tom Morrin from Kildare Town are lending their IT services & skills to create a computers training classroom for the Secondary School in the village of Mogitu.  Sorrin IT will design, prepare & pre-configure the School Classroom & Network equipment to enable its easy installation at the school.   The classroom will consist of a Network of 20 PC's, A Network Printer, a Teachers Control Station with Server, & an Network APC UPS Electricity Unit. 

Sorrin IT can be contacted at   www.sorrinit.com   Telephone: (045) 896 877:  Fax: (045) 896 879  E-mail: information@sorrinIT.com

The container loading point.  

The containers will be stored and loaded at McLoughlin's Garage, Ballymany Newbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland at their Truck workshop. 

If you have good new supplies that you wish to donate to the project please have them delivered to 


"Trucks for Africa Appeal" Care of McLoughlin Oil, Ballymany, Newbridge, Co Kildare.  


If you are sending goods in boxes or pallets please clearly mark each box with its manifest contents and it's weight.

This is very important as everything being shipped has to be itemised and weighed for export to pass customs.  It will be of great assistance to

us if you have done this for us in advance.  Additionally it will mean that we do not have to open up your packaging for weighing and itemising. 

Please also mark your goods with the name of the donating company.

The time line.

It is intended to ship the Containers on November 30th  2007.  The Trucks & Jeeps are currently being prepared!

Things that Dan needs to make this project a success !

Perhaps you or your company would like to sponsor a line from this list below !  The Red items are still outstanding!

  • Two Seaworthy 40 Foot High Cube Containers.  (Already kindly brokered & purchased via Brian O'Keefe Airwave Freight and Evergreen Shipping)

  • A Chisel Farm Plough.  Donated by a Local Stud farm.

  • Tractor Transport Box.  Donated by Fitzpatrick's of Monasterevin.

  • We need a loan of one 40 Foot Skeletal Trailer (For one month) at Newbridge. (Trailer kindly provided by George Dennison of Dennison Trailers, Naas)

  • We need the assistance of a Haulier to bring the Empty Containers from Dublin to Newbridge and back to Dublin when full.  (Kindly provided by John Nolan, Nolan Transport, New Ross, Co Wexford)

  • We need the assistance of a Shipping Company to assist us with the shipping costs of three 40 Foot Containers to Tanga Port in Tanzania.

  • Eight 1000 Litre IBC Containers that are suitable to hold Fresh drinking Water.  These will be sent out to Tanzania containing Food Products!  Then used for Drinking Water Storage.  (6 Donated by Schlotter Ireland., 2 kindly supplied by North Chemicals & Norman Lauder & Schutz.)

  • A Modern Farm Tractor.  No cabs needed.  Similar to a Ursus 4512.  The Tractors must be ready to go to work without problems. We have received a Donation of one Ursus 4512 Tractor from a Local Stud Farm.

  • A battery charging generator. (Purchased by Project, Looking for a Donor)

  • Two Same model Diesel 4X4 Jeeps in excellent condition.  (Kindly donated by an Irish Organisation),

  • A mobile field cooking trailer with New cooking ware, large commercial & family cooking soup/stew pots & couldrons, new pans, new plastic food storage containers,  .  (Donated by Michael , Aisling and Ciaran McLoughlin, Newbridge)

  • 20 new Modern Computers, either Windows XP or Vista operating system.  Preferably same Brand & Model.  To be used at a Secondary School for Girls.  (20 Compag PC's purchased by JH McLoughlin & Co Ltd )

  • We need New Mudguards for the two DAF 1900. (Kindly donated by Joel Springs, Naas).

  • An Toyota Engine & Cooling System for a 4.2 Diesel Litre 1999 Year Land Cruiser Jeep Chassis Number HZJ75OO51193   Mod HZJ75RV-MR Eng Num IHZO287241

  • We need Chassis & Truck Body Paint to prepare the Trucks. (Donated Already) .

  • We need new Tyres for the Trucks as spares. >  Sizes are 295/8022.5   or 11/R   22.5.  We also Need Truck Tyre Levers.(New Tyres Sponsored by McLoughlin Oil)

  • Two Ambulance Stretchers on Wheels. (1 Purchased for Project by McLoughlin Oil, 2 Donated by Newbridge Fire Service)

  • Farm Hand Tools, 4 Farm Gates. Vehicle Towing  Chains, Container Locks,  Fixings,) Kindly donated by Mr Ted Johnson & Family of Ted Johnsons, Naas, Co Kildare. 

  • An Electric 12V Water Transfer Pump, 5 Grease Guns, 3 Water /Fuel Filling Kits with Nozzles. (Kindly donated by John at Rotech Ltd, Killinick, Wexford)

  • Farm Tools & Implements, Spades, Picks, Shovels, Sledge Hammers & Other Mechanics Tools.  (Mostly Donated by Ted Johnsons Naas)

  • 200 sheets of Roof sheeting with accessories. (Tegral Roofing Ltd, Athy, are generously donating these 200 roof Sheets with accessories to roof an existing Girls Secondary School building)

  • 10 Steel Hospital or dormitory beds & side lockers. (Donated by Sundai School)

  • An new electric submersible borehole well water pump with 220 Feet of Hose on reel  (Kindly purchased for this project by Mr Seamus Tougher, Newbridge,)

  • Mechanical and electrical tools. drills, saws, Etc.  Cordless Re-chargeable professional Tools would be very useful.  12V or 16v Type. (Donated by Ted Johnsons Naas)

  • An professional petrol powered Angle Grinder ConSaw with Cutting Discs mainly for Steel. (Kindly Sponsored by Mr Peter Keatley Suncroft, The Curragh.  Peter tells us that his good mother was an old School friend of Dan's)

  • Heavy wool basic sleeping blankets. The old fashioned type!  Night time temperatures are very low in Mogitu.

  • 10 new metal solid wheel barrows, 10 Shovels, 10 Pick Axes, 10 Spades; to aid ongoing construction work.  Wheel Barrows are a very useful tool in Moguti.

  • 47 Folding Tool Kits.  (Already kindly donated by Ms Mona Reilly, Team PR Reilly Ltd, Kilbarrack, Dublin.)

  • Forklift Batteries.  These are ideal to recharge by Diesel generator during the day and use for lighting. 

  • 8 Reels of Garden Hose Pipe and Joining Accessories.

  • A new Petrol / Diesel Powered Cement Mixer.

  • A new Two Stroke 40cm Chain Saw (Already Kindly Sponsored by Mr Andy Geraghty Brownstown)

  • An New Electric Single Phase , Invertor Arc Welder with supply of rods,  mask, accessories.  (All Donated with 3000 Euros of Other Tools by Ted Johnson and Family Naas)

  • Boxes & Boxes of new Candles.  For Lighting.   (Purchased from Coxs Cash & Carry)

  • Two New Professional Petrol 2 Stroke Tall Grass Strimmers / Cutters complete with a good supply of Spare Metal Blade Discs Nylon cord .  These are needed to keep the Bush & Scrub Grass Short around Dan's Compound.  Snakes like to live in long grass!   The most common Snake around Dan's area is the aggressive Black Mamba.   (Donated by John & Cher Early, Bracklone, Portarlington)

  • A one Ton  pallet of concentrated Foods (Soups, Stock Cubes, Pastas, Teas.) in Powder Form. (Kindly sponsored by Mr Conor Kilduff of Unilever Knorr Foods Ireland. )

  • Marvel Milk Food Stuffs, MILK Powder,  With reasonable dates.

  • A Mixed Pallet of Tinned Fish Products.  These usually have long storage Dates and store well. Salmon, Sardines, Tuna, Mackrell, Tinned CornBeef.  (Mostly Donated by Heinz, Musgraves C&C, Knorr Unilever, Odlums)

  • One Ton  of Flour.  (Donated already by Odlums Ltd, Portarlington).

  • One Ton of Porridge Oat flakes.  (Donated by Flavahans)

  • 4 Wheel Chairs. 4 walking frames.   (Walking Frames/ Crutches  donated by Curragh Military Hospital)

  • A one Ton  Pallet of Sudocrem Antiseptic Ointment.  (Kindly donated by Mr Diarmuid Burke and staff of Forest Tosara Ltd, Dublin Manufacturers of SudoCrem).

  • 8 new plastic IBC clean drinking water storage tanks. 1000 Litres plus in size.  ( 6 Kindly Donated by Schlotter Ireland Via Michael Habenicht and Family and 2 Donated by Norman Lauder / Schutz Ireland)

  • A 1000 litre fresh water bowser on a trailer!  (Purchased in UK by McLoughlin Oil)

  • Two by 125cc to  250cc same Model Rough Terrain Motor Bikes or Quads.

  • Two Professional Security Safes.  80 Cm Square (Kindly sponsored by Bill Pollack, Guardwell Ltd Cork & John Hughes of Safelink Ltd, Balbriggan.)

  • Dental Surgery Supplies, A Professional Dentist Field Kit, Tooth Pastes, New Tooth Brushes for a Community of 16,000 persons.

  • The contents of a Hospital Surgery. Operating Tables, Surgical Instruments, Clamps etc, Light etc. Father Dan works closely with the Local Hospital in Katesh.  The Hospital are looking for this equipment.  Donated by Curragh Military Hospital.

  • One Ton  of Vehicle Lubricants, Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Greases, Universal farm Oil.  (Donated already by Jh McLoughlin & Co Ltd)

  • An commercial single phase 10KVA generator set. Diesel Powered.  Diesel is the most available Fuel in the Mogitu Area. (Sponsored by McLoughlin Oil Newbridge.)

  • Teaching & Classroom equipment & supplies, mobile black boards, white boards, 40 school desks, 40 School Chairs . Must be Stackable to efficiently ship.   We

  • 4 Large Professional Paramedic EMS First Aid Kits.  (Kindly Purchased & Sponsored by Mr Pat Brady & Family, Eyrefield ,The Curragh)

  • New complete simple board Games. Chess & Draughts  Jig-saws, Puzzles, games for Children that do not depend on a command of the English Language. 

  • New Toys for Children.  Ideally the simple, durable wooden type that do not depend on batteries or require English. 

  • Medical Supplies. Pain Killers, Antiseptic Ointments, Bandages, Dressings, Disinfectants. (Kindly sponsored by Ms Anne-Marie Canning of Canning's Pharmacy, Newbridge.  Anne-Marie with the help of her family, staff  & Suppliers has created two fantastic pallets of important mixed medical products which will recharge the Cupboards at the Medical Dispensary that Father Dan operates in his Parish. Anne-Marie wishes to thank the following suppliers who assisted her!; Paul Brady Clonmel Healthcare,  Paul Kininans, Flemming Medical, Tracy at Calco Agencies,  Aidan at Sundrelle Ltd, Enda O'Carolan at PFizer Consumer Healthcare, Sean Walsh at Uniphar, Eddie Melian and Keith Galvi at Cahill May Roberts, High Bergin and Nicola Hosie at United Drug, Doris McDermott Newbridge.

  • 10 Dawes Ladies Adult Bikes with Carriers, Spares & Lights. (Kindly Sponsored by Alison, Charles, Ciara, Emma & Sarah McLoughlin, McLoughlin Cycles & Nursery, Newbridge)

  • 10 Mountain Bikes( 10 Kindly Donated by Centro Ltd Ireland and 2 Donated by Raleigh Ireland)

There will be no wasted space inside the two containers.  They will be packed with parts for the Trucks & Jeeps, Spares, Blankets, Condensed preserved Food Stuffs, Farm Tools, Farm Machines, Medical Supplies etc.

If you have any of the items listed above in Red above we would appreciate if you could donate them or sponsor them

to the project.  Please only give good (Ideally new) serviceable clean equipment in perfect running condition. 

What will happen to the Containers once delivered!

The containers once emptied will stay at the Mogitu Projects compound.  They may actually be lived in as a House or used as a secure storage unit.

Ways to assist us!

By reading this Web Page and understanding it you are already helping us.  We would be grateful if you would print it off and show it to

your work colleagues & friends, to your customers and to your suppliers.  Perhaps you could e-mail a Web link of this page to your friends. 

You might know of an organisation or a company who could donate some of the items that we listed above in red.  Perhaps you know of an organisation

that has good Farm Machinery or a Good Tractor that are being stood down.  Perhaps you know a hardware supplier that could donate tools, wheel barrows etc ?

Any good, serviceable tool or machine even down to a box of screws would be appreciated.  Cash donations would also be most appreciated to pay for the container Freight, Customs Charges etc. 

The Shipping Costs.

Currently the project is being offered high cube 40 Foot shipping containers to buy at 1,000 Each.  

The current quoted shipping costs of one container from Newbridge, to Dublin, to Tanga port is  3,300 Euros. 

Father Dan then has to hire a Truck, Trailer and Driver to haul each container the dangerous 350 Miles inland over poor dirt roads to

his project compound in Mogitu.  This Journey Inland will take two days per container.  The cost of the African inland haulage per

Container will be 1,000 euros each.

So to sum up on the Direct Shipping Costs:  Newbridge to Dublin to Africa per Container = 1300+ 3,300 + 1000 haulage to Mogitu

= 5,600 Per Container.  


Container Dimensions  
Internal Length 39ft 4ins
Internal Width 7ft 7ins
Internal Height: 8ft 9ins
End Door Aperture Width 7ft 8ins
End Door Aperture Height: 8ft 5ins
Floor area 305sq ft
Cubic capacity: 2660cu ft
Weight 3.3 tons


We can Load 25 Tons of aid products into each Container.  That's the shipping weight Limit.

This means that every Ton  of product in weight that we ship costs 224 Euros to ship.  Or in terms of volume  the cost is 2 Euros ten cents

per every Cubic Foot of material.  Because of this high cost we have to ensure that we only ship valuable essential supplies. 

Products that are unserviceable or broken are no use .  We would prefer to ship only new or next to new items.


If you can assist this project please contact; John McLoughlin, Newbridge on 045-431281, Fax 431244.  Email info@jhmcloughlin.com 

or a Newbridge Kildare Lion Member.


Where is Dan?

Further Details of Father Dan's Project in Tanzania can be seen at   www.toilfoundation.com

You can E-mail Father Dan Noud directly in Tanzania on    davdaduon@yahoo.com

However please only transmit light sized text based E-mails because Dan's internet connection runs over an

old wireless analogue Mobile Phone.  His phone signal strength is low, the cost of transmitting and receiving is high &

the data transmit speed rate is very slow!  Plus you know Dan; He is always out of power !


Nice house Dan!

The Postal Address for Father Dan is


Dan's Mogitu Misson project is west of the Town of Katesh in Tanzania.  Approximately 10 Miles South of Mount Hanang which is the fourth

highest mountain of Tanzania, with its peak 3417 metres above sea level. It's a free standing, caved-in volcano crater, roughly 80

Kilometres north-northwest of Kondoa town.  Look at the Google-Earth Map of Africa below.  Come down the eastern right hand Coast of Africa.

Half Way down you will see the Port of Dar Es Salaam.  Dan's Mogitu Project is 300 Miles North West Inland.

 Latitude 4°31'0.08"S     Longitude  35°21'56.85"E


Some Extra detail on Father Dan Noud .  From         www.Toilfoundation.com        

The Mogitu Project is a nondenominational project under the direction of Father Dan Noud with the goal of building a coeducational secondary school, dormitories, medical dispensary, mother/child clinic, and mission church. Although there are many religions in Tanzania including Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim and tribal religions, All the people are helped because of their needs not their faith.

The government of Tanzania donated 100 acres of forest land (bush) for the project. The nearest area with water is located five miles away. The nearest church is 14 miles north of Mogitu or 60 miles south.

Father Dan is teaching the people of Mogitu the skills to become self-sufficient . . . just as he has done in the nearby village of Nangwa. The Mogitu Project is supported by the donations received from friends and benefactors of Toil Foundation.\



In 1963, three months after ordination in Ireland, Father Daniel B. Noud, S.A.C., a native of The Curragh in Ireland, was assigned to missionary work in Tanzania, East Africa. From 1963-1965, Father Dan interned under the experienced Mission Pastors. During this time, he worked in the Karatu, Galopo and Mbugwe Missions, becoming fluent in the Swahili language as well as local tribal languages.

While in Mbugwe in 1964, Father Dan worked in a leper colony. Father Dan also ran the mission dispensary and managed five primary schools in an area of 4,000 square miles.

In 1971, Father Dan founded the Nangwa Mission. A mission house was built from local fund raising. Seven small centres were constructed. A new maternity hospital and dispensary were built and local staff were trained. Twenty seven outstations received monthly medical & pastoral visits, ranging from the main station from 5 miles to 70 miles. A community center for adult education was built and a small workshop with twelve trainees was founded. A large church was also built to serve the people. The Medical Missionaries of Mary (M.M.M. from Drogheda, Ireland) took over the management of the clinic and dispensary in 1988.

Father Dan's current mission project, the Mission at Mogitu, includes the building of a church, a coeducational secondary school and living quarters and dispensary.  A new clinic/maternity unit will also be built at Mogitu.

The present housing conditions and medical facilities in Mogitu and its surrounding regions are extremely poor. The new facilities at Mogitu will dramatically alleviate poverty and suffering.

Now in his early 70's, Father Dan Noud looks forward to the future . . . with the development of a dream-come-true in Mogitu.


 Irish Missionary Reflects on African Ministry By Angela E. Pometto HERALD Staff Writer

 For 43 years, Palatine Father Dan Noud has lived with 15-foot snakes, deadly ants, killer bees and the constant fear of malaria-carrying mosquitoes in Tanzania, East Africa. The Irish-born priest was sent to Africa as a missionary three months after his ordination in 1963.

Father Noud recently spoke to parishioners from St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Great Falls during his visit to the United States.

“I saw the huts and the land, and I knew I belonged there,” he said, recalling his first flight into Tanzania. Africa is now his home.

The people he works with live on 50 cents per day. There is no running water, so they walk 10 miles with a bucket on their head to get water. They don’t shower often, but “we all smell the same, so no one cares,” Father Noud said.  There are many people suffering from malaria and AIDS, said Father Noud, adding that malaria is more common.

A priest’s job is to be a “lover of people,” said Father Noud, adding that this has been his goal as he served in Africa. He has worked in several different mission locales in Tanzania, including a leper colony in Mbugwe.

Father Noud is a jack of all trades. He joins in with the physical work needed to build churches, helps with first aid at the medical dispensary, manages schools and visits people in their huts. He often travels great distances over rugged roads to celebrate Mass at different outstations (chapels) in the region.

In 1971, he founded the Nangwa Mission. When it began, he was the only priest in the area. Now, there are eight parishes and nine priests ministering to the people. The Nangwa Vocational Training Center teaches carpentry, building, mechanics, electrical installation and preventative medicine. The center enrolls more than 400 students each year.

Currently, Father Noud is working on a new mission in Mogitu, Tanzania. Along with a mission church, medical dispensary and mission house, he hopes to build another vocational training center with dormitories. The training centers are vital to the people becoming self-sufficient.

“I went to teach in Africa, but I’ve been taught so much from the Africans,” he said. The people have a deep respect for family, good manners and great faith. “People in Africa have great respect of the Eucharist.”  The African people don’t like to rush. Sunday Masses often last for three hours. They have processions and sing many songs. It’s not like in Ireland where Father Noud observed that after Mass it feels like the Olympics as everyone rushes out of the parking lot.

Both the local governor and president of Tanzania have visited Father Noud’s missions. The Irish priest also met Blessed Mother Teresa when he was on sabbatical in India.

At age 70, there is no sign of Father Noud slowing down or retiring to Ireland. Early in his mission work, he lost one of his fingers when it was accidentally pierced with a poisonous arrow.

“I want to be buried in Africa with my finger,” he said, with a wide smile on his face.

Every Catholic is a missionary, said Father Noud, adding that not all missionaries are sent to Africa. It is important to be missionaries at home as well, he said.

Father Noud’s mission is in need of funds to continue to build. For more information or to donate, contact the Toil Foundation at 703/759-2856 or www.toilfoundation.com.


Dan digs into the bush to build yet another Tanzanian school.


BROWNSTOWN & TANZANIA, 4 January 2001: by Brian Byrne.

“I suddenly realised I was in trouble.”

For some moments, Dan Noud had been distracted by the intense stare from the man who’d turned and looked at him as he made his way through a crowded market in Dar Es Salaam. “There was something very odd about his eyes, and then I became aware that another man was hovering to my left,” the Brownstown-born Pallotine missionary recalls. “It was then I looked down, and saw the knife ...”

Knowing it was already probably too late, Dan swung his shoulder bag in front of his stomach as the man with the staring eyes lunged his blade forward. There was a ripping sound, then a metallic one, and Dan fell backwards with the force of the attack, shouting to two African friends who were walking a little way in front.

“I should have been dead,” he remembers. “Ordinarily, what I’d have in the bag wouldn’t have stopped the blade. But for some reason, when I was leaving home to go to Dar Es Salaam that week, I had gone back to pick up a picture of my mother. It was the metal frame that caught the point of the knife.”


To this day, that picture of Dan’s dead mother is an even more treasured possession than it had been, now with cuts from the deflected knifepoint. He is convinced that it was her intervention from beyond the grave that saved his life.

Anyone listening to Dan Noud tell of his adventures in the African bush would have to believe that there is indeed a divine presence watching over him. After almost 40 years working mostly in Tanzania, he is physically wracked from illness and injuries, he is often mentally exhausted with the effort of keeping his work going on a stipend of £130 a month, and he has brushed with death more often than he cares to remember. 

His ‘home’ is two metal freight containers placed on top of each other, the top ‘storey’ being his living quarters, the bottom one a store for scarce medical and other necessities and an ‘office’ to meet with people who want his help.

In the meantime, with the help of many of those same people, he is building a school which will probably also act as a dispensary.

It’s the third, or maybe the fourth time he has done this. Every time he has completed a project, be it a small hospital or a school, and it has become self-sufficient in a growing African community, he has moved on to start again. Somewhere further out in the bush, places which many of the rest of us would describe as ‘God-forsaken’.

But Dan sees beauty and God in the most desperate of places and direst of conditions. And maybe he perversely finds it easier to do so there than back at home in Ireland, where he sees mostly a stifled Church. Maybe reflected in the fact that he will often be given a spontaneous round of applause after ‘preaching’ a homily in a local Kildare church while home on leave.

Certainly, not many of the home-based priests have to deliver babies on the side of a dirt road, drive badly mauled victims of big cat attacks up to 200 miles to hospital, or give emergency treatment to a syphilis-ridden ‘parishioner’ on the kitchen table before breakfast. 

Not too many of them suffer from recurring malaria - an endemic illness which kills annually four times as many Africans as does AIDS and which regularly has brought Dan himself to death’s door. Few, I suppose, would have had to carry the top of their finger 150 miles to have it sewn back on after it was lopped off by a closing car door.

 That last didn’t work so well, and after six months of complications, including gangrene, they finally had to amputate Dan’s finger completely. Now he can’t even type easily, because the operation left other fingers permanently crooked. Which is a pity, because Dan’s stories should be preserved, if only to show the strength of faith in adversity. And sometimes the opposite. 

Africa can be a very unforgiving environment, and mortality is high. Privation is the order of pretty well every day, and Dan Noud could long ago have been forgiven if he’d decided he’d done his bit and come home to an easier life.

But it won't be so, because ‘home’ is now where he’s spent the last four decades. Brownstown, where he was born and where his family have lived for generations, is not where he’ll retire to.

Because, while the environment and the life can be unforgiving, the people of Africa have a special place in Dan’s heart. And he in theirs. “When I’m old, they’ll look after me,” he told me. “When I die, Africa is where I want to be buried.”


Dan Noud has spent many tens of thousands of pounds in his endeavours, but rarely has a penny to his own name. Friends in County Kildare have for many years responded to his calls for help, raising money for his projects, finding him a 4WD vehicle or - the last time he was home - a motorcycle, so he can get around his ‘parish’.

(The bike was part of a fairly recent close encounter with the Grim Reaper, when, after discharging himself from hospital, he fell asleep while riding home and woke up in the trees beside the bent Suzuki.)

He sometimes ‘does the rounds’ of wealthier parts of the world, preaching on occasion in the US to raise funds, and he is appreciative of financial help that comes from a number of European sources, including German aid organisations.

And though he has spent most of his life away, he still keeps in touch with Ireland every night, via the short-wave transmissions from RTE of edited versions of radio programmes here. A small radio, a gift from a friend, is his only ‘luxury’.

It makes you think, doesn’t it? Especially at this time of the year.

Dan Noud can be contacted at SCP 178 Kateshi, via Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. In the meantime, a number of fundraising functions are planned for the near future in Newbridge.

Do what you can, because divine intervention is OK, but is best saved for life-threatening occasions.


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